Jacobo Bragadin

Jacobo Bragadin
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Cal Age: 20
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  • song birds
  • flower pressing
  • mass
  • grapes
  • singing
  • the dark
  • blood
  • disappointing his family
  • theives
  • being a bother
The Basics
Name: Jacobo Bragadin
Play by: alexander vlahos
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Age: 18
Nickname: Jacob
Jacobo stands about 5'10; with an athletic build. Waves of thick black hair adorn a face that, with its wide-set eyes and a slightly pointed nose, is visually arresting. High cheekbones and a defined jawline give him a regal beauty that is enhanced by his clothing, dark, rich fabrics, which are evidence of his family's heritage as merchants in the silk trade.
Jacobo was a sheltered child, when he was born his family were doing well financially so he unlike many children was able to live a life of safety and comfort away from the crime and danger of the city in his family estate. He is soft spoken and never really took to violence or war games. He much prefered the lute over the longbow and was often found curled up with his song bird serenita.

Jacobo was also never very troublesome always doing what he was told by his father and the priest, he didn't want to appear ungrateful for the privilege he had after all and besides he knew from as early as he could remember that father had worked hard to get them all these nice things and that it was only fair that he behave. This has manifested in obedience even in adulthood. Even when he really doesn't want to carry out the instruction.
His Papa finds a new dye mix so they can be happy again and he can go home
He doesn't get killed by Umberto
Character History
Jacobo Bragadin was born to a merchant family who made their fortunes in the highly competitive textile trade. During Jacobo's childhood, the Bragadin's business flowered, and their name spread far and wide as fine Venetian purveyors of silk and brocade fabrics, plus succulent dyes, in rare colors like a brilliant crimson color they called Bragadin Scarlet. In fact, their scarlet color was such a well-known and coveted dye, that one day the recipe for it was stolen from their dyeworks. In a few months, the color was found all over Venice, and its prevalence resulted in a loss of sales for the family. In Guilelmo Bragadin's haste to reclaim his losses, he sunk more and more coin into importing rare plants and insects, materials in order to create the next big color, but none of the new colors could match the previous fervor for the Bragadin Scarlet, which was now used so ubiquitously that it had fallen out of fashion.

Jacobo was set to inherit the family business when he came of age, but as the family's sales slumped, another plan for the boy was devised. To help lessen the load, the family decided to either send Jacobo to the military or find patronage for him. They chose the latter, and that patronage came in the form of a man named Umberto Orazio, the executor of the Doge.

A customer, of the Bragadin's leather goods, Umberto had noticed the boy at the Rialto markets, when he was about sixteen. He caught Umberto's eye due to the striking resemblance to his younger brother, Kain. Although he never spoke with him, Umberto became infatuated with Jacobo, and one day when Jacobo was about to turn eighteen, he came to the family to offer his patronage. The executor needed an apprentice at the Pozzi, a boy who would work for him there, as well as learn how to perform public executions. Umberto was plotting a run for Councilman soon, and his brother, who was slated to take over his position at the Pozzi, was proving to be unreliable. Although Umberto was well-known for his cruelty, he was a nobleman with friends in high places. The Bragadin family could not turn down this choice opportunity, even if it made their son into a monster like Il Boia. Not only would the apprenticeship, help the family financially, but would hopefully bring them more noble customers. Perhaps even the Doge himself would someday buy their wares!
Referred by Laura
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[WHOPLAYER=Cal][WHOCHARNAME]Jacobo Bragadin[/WHOCHARNAME][WHOCHARINFO][WHOQUICKINFO][WHOCHARIMG]https://s6.postimg.org/6222nm1xt/30a21ff0b2cb745ecb364f431c643d66.jpg[/WHOCHARIMG][WHOQUICKTXT][WHOOOC]Cal[/WHOOOC][WHOPB]alexander vlahos[/WHOPB][WHOAPP]PLACE APP LINK HERE[/WHOAPP][WHOPLOTTER]http://venicerp.com/viewtopic.php?f=25&t=920[/WHOPLOTTER][/WHOQUICKTXT][/WHOQUICKINFO][WHOINFOABOUT]Jacobo is the recently acquired apprentice of Il Boia the executioner. He spends most of his time in the dark corridors of the prison being[/WHOINFOABOUT][/WHOCHARINFO][/WHOPLAYER]
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