Basilio Gronchi

Basilio Gronchi
This character is played by:
Freakpanda Age: 22
and all questions can be directed
  • Power
  • Wealth
  • Good food
  • Good beer
  • Pain (inflicted on others)
  • Dirt/Dirty people
  • Late payments
  • Someone standing against him
  • Fish
  • Rain
The Basics
Name: Basilio Gronchi
Play by: Vinnie Jones
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bi
Age: 36
Nickname: -
Basilio is physically imposing looking man, standing at 6'4/193 cm height with rather large gut, marking him as a man of gluttony. His face is... not the most pleasant thing to look at. Large nose with two green eyes which seem always be frowning and large strong jaw
Basilio is rutheless and selfish in his actions. He places himself always before others and wouldn't hesitate a second to betray someone if it aided himself in some way. He is also very cunning man and always tries to see the bigger picture
- Become one of the richest men in Venice
- Not get caught by his illegal actions
Character History
Basilio started his criminal career as nothing more than a simple grunt. His big size was useful when you needed to roughen up a man. But he wasn't stupid. He knew that what the grunts earned was less than percentage of those who hired him to do it. So once he earned enough coin working as muscle for hire, he started his own pawn/loan shop. And he didn't care at all if the things people sold to him were stolen or not, just as long as he could get good coin out of them. And those who didn't pay their loans, he made sure to make example of them. It soon became clear to anyone that not paying back to Basilio Gronchi meant that you often found yourself one finger shorter or few less intact bones
Referred by Lily
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