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The Basics
Name: Alexander Archer
Play by: Charlie Hunnam
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Age: 28
Nickname: Alex, Lex, Bastard
Alexander was born his father’s son, standing taller than most at six foot two, a height which makes it difficult to move in some ships. His build was full, from an early life of working with horses, and fighting with the nearby farmers boys. Blonde hair reminiscent of his mother’s French hair has stuck with him from childhood, though as he grew older, he let it grow past his shoulders, often tying it at the base of his neck in the naval style. Hands had long since grown hard from many years spent on the ocean, and his hair a bit blonder, but his eyes, those piercing blue eyes has been the source of his hidden power since youth.
A roguish flare had become the primary style even as a child, for the young man. Despite a bastard, being the only male child of the Earl, he was kept close by, and given a life better than most. Though the nosed up nobles always looked down on him when nearby, and as such he found pleasure in playing the part. With his friends, those lucky enough to be considered by the young man, he was a cheerful, boastful lad who made those around him laugh. Loyal to a fault to those he felt earned it, he would fight against any enemy, no matter the chance of victory, just to help. With the ladies he is always the Casanova, tapping into his French roots, and often bewitching them with charms, helped along with a variety of languages learned in his youth.
To amass a fortune all his own. To win his father’s approval (Secret).
Character History
The sin of lust brought Alexander into the world, the first born son of an English Earl, and a French maid. An indiscretion which would haunt the Earl for years, and turn his wife against him and the child cruelly. Perhaps it was a blessing the maid had died in childbirth, bringing forth a strong boy which marked the proof the Earl could indeed have sons, but his dear wife could not. Yet in that land, in that time, bastards did not inherit, even in a land where a bastard could become King if lucky enough, and with an army backing him, Alex grew up somewhere between a lesser noble, and a common gutter rat. Out of the eyesight of the Earl’s wife, Alex was taught to read and write in English, French, and Italian, with a smattering of Latin to make him seem more educated. The old Earl knew the likelihood of never having another son, and so saw Alex as perhaps his only chance at passing down the title to blood, instead of a cousin being the one to take the post.

As he grew, Alex began to love the water, enjoying when he could travel with his father (usually acting as servant) to Portsmouth and London, and seeing all the ships. Upon the request of a young twelve year old Alex, his father reluctantly allowed him to go to sea in the Royal navy as a midshipman. With the war of the colonies still far reaching, Alex grew up amidst long boring patrols, with very few chances of easing the boredom in combat. When he took on a skill, he seemed unwilling to stop until he was perfect, and it earned him the respect of the sailors, and the captain, which in turn earned him the ire of his peers. More than once he had to defend himself against the odds in a fight, and he became a demon of a terror in a fight with everything from fists to swords. Years dragged on, on the waves, yet he grew into a good looking youth and was raised to Lieutenant when he reached fifteen, serving as the sixth Lieutenant on a Ship of the Line.

War with the colonies had already been in somewhat full swing, but that year Spain had declared war on Britain, and the Royal Navy of Britain met the Dons in a quickly one sided war. Within a year he was assigned as third lieutenant on a frigate, and participated in some of the largest naval battles of the time, both off the coast of Spain, as well within the Caribbean, getting a taste of war, and of being close to death as the great guns belched fire, and men cut each other down like dogs. In war, death was not always bad, for he moved up quickly to become second lieutenant, and then in a trick of fate found him as a temporary first lieutenant at seventeen, an almost unheard of situation in a frigate at that time, at least without a lord for a father, a legal father.

The war began to wind down, and with ships being paid off, a temporary lieutenant with no noble connections willing (or able) to claim him was tossed aside for an older, inexperienced lieutenant whose father was some Admiral’s cousin or such. So Alex became the second lieutenant to a Captain far into his career and looking to suck up to his new first officer on the hope of a good word with the Admiral. Alexander was left with nothing but a terror of an incompetent officer who could do no wrong in his captain’s eyes, and not much hope of promotion with battles much less frequent. It all came to a head right before his nineteenth birthday, when due to the tyrant’s ignorance, a half dozen men were killed on deck. The older man, fearing this would be the end of his naval career blamed it on Alex, despite the testimony of the opposite by the petty officers. The Captain of course backed the liar, which forced Alexander to defend himself before a court martial against two senior officers condemning him.

Were it not for the fact the primary judge on the court martial was the very first captain he had served under, and knew the measure of Alex, he may have been in trouble, to languish on the beach, or even be imprisoned for the rest of his life. Instead, he was found not guilty, to the dismay of his now former captain, and first lieutenant. Had fate been kind, they would have been the ones hauled up and hung out to dry, but having noble connections, it was swept under the rug. Alexander was done in the navy though, allowed a discharge he spent the next few years as a trader, until fate would run him across his old nemesis, who was now a captain in his own right. The man, deep within his cups inferred on the honor, and lineage of the young man, and a duel took place at dawn.

The fool stood no chance, for he might have inferred of the cowardice of Alexander, but within moments it was the silly little once superior officer begging for his life. Had he been smarter, Alex might have killed him then, instead of earning himself a true enemy, one who had connections at the highest level of the military, and even in the House of Lords. Yet he had a sense of honor, and left the man cowering on his knees, and life changed in the worst of ways. Within days he was let go as officer in the trading company, and his small fortune from a short life in the navy seemed to dwindle as the weeks went on, leaving him near the point of being penniless. Yet his father, a man who would never offer the boy money, despite his love for him came through.

A gentleman with his own attachments to the House of Lords, and the ear of the Duke of York himself found Alexander, and offered him a suicidal mission, to infiltrate France, and steal one of the newest ships being built by England’s oldest enemy for their newest one, the colonies, so the ship builders could learn its secrets. For the twenty six year old on the verge of nothing, it seemed like the perfect job, danger, high chance of death, and more than enough money to live out the rest of his days, and a chance at an almost fresh start. Yet he shocked the small man by demanding one further requirement for his promised success, if he managed to steal the ship, after it was sketched and every detail taken down…It was his.

Shocking perhaps even to the government agent, he accepted that demand, perhaps believing there was little chance that the young man before him had the skill to get the ship. Yet months later, at the very celebration in France where the ship was to be shown at its launch, the sails were spread, and while cheers were loud at the docks by the citizens, the officers scratched their head that the ship began to outpace its escorts, and turned due North, instead of back toward the port. Shock and disbelief turned to anger as a new flag was raised at its stern, the hated union jack. The French had built a ship too well, for it out ran all the ones sent in its wake. The ship vanished from the world, and went unseen for almost a year, until it was “bought” by a privateer, one who paid a high price for it, a price so high that the government agent could not even utter, at least without a grin.

So began the new life of Alexander Archer, bastard son of an Earl, once officer of the King’s Navy, and now captain and owner of the Frigate Fenrir, for even Odin could not stand before such a wolf.
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