Aurelia Belmont

Aurelia Belmont
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Autumn Age: 33
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  • Singing
  • Dance
  • Parties
  • Men
  • Her daughter
  • Being thought to be stupid
  • Sewing. It's horrendous
  • Ugly people. (Personality wise)
  • Meanness
  • Drawing
The Basics
Name: Aurelia Belmont
Play by: Natalie Dormer
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Age: 24
Nickname: N/A
Aurelia has a pleasing enough countenance. She wears her dark curls long and generally styled in intricate styles at the height of fashion. Her skin is fashionably (for an englishwoman) pale and her icey blue eyes stand out in her delicate face. She has a slightly crooked smile, which lends her a bit of character and seems to add to her appeal rather than detract from it. She's neither short nor tall but seems squarely in the middle on size (5'7') and she is slender but boasts some curves after the birth of her daughter.
Aurelia is very often full of mischief. She isn't a stupid woman but borders on naive at times. since she genuinely likes to believe the best in everyone (which very often leads her down the troubled path). She grew up doted upon by her parents and it's reflected in her personality. She doesn't really grasp the concept of the 'plight of the poor', she's never been in need herself. She's a genuine person if not a bit on the frivolous and silly side. She has the potential to be a great person if she ever gets past her 'silliness'.
First and foremost she hopes to raise her daughter well. She is not the best if influences she knows but she tries her very best to teach her daughter useful things and genuinely hopes the child will NOT turn out like she did.

She hopes that one day her father will forgive her. Having a child out of wedlock is an unforgivable sin in his eyes. He wants nothing to do with his granddaughter or his eldest child, despite the fact that he's worked very had to cover up her indiscretion and supports her. She misses him dearly and wants to be able to see him again but so far he refuses to allow her to return home even for a visit. Threatening to cut her off financially if he does so. Though she misses her papa, she rather enjoys the life she leads.
Character History
Is there was one thing Aurelia was good at finding it was trouble. Or perhaps, it found her. Either way, even as a child the two of them were familiar bedfellows. As a young girl, her antics were tolerated and even laughed at by her doting parents. An only child, Aurelia grew at her family estate in England and was allowed to do as she wished in most things. At first, it was small things. At the age of five, she climbed a tree in the garden and had to be rescued. At 8 she nearly drowned after being challenged to a race by a group of children. She got her dresses dirty and ran about like a regular heathen! That was until she was sent away to school. At the age of 9, her mother died giving birth to a stillborn boy. Aurelia chalked that up to more of her bad luck and perhaps her father did too. Seeing only the wife he'd lost in his daughter's eyes he sent her away to a boarding school, to be taught how to be a proper young lady. For the most part, this attempt to glean some sort of woman out of the hellion daughter worked. The young woman who returned for his marriage to another woman was polished and pristine. Perhaps a bit too friendly but she was lovely. Shortly before Aurelia would have left finishing school she fell in 'love'. The young man was a penniless but rather pretty (and foreign) sort. (Of course, he had told her he was a count's son). Being a trusting soul she fell in love and into his bed, only to end up pregnant. Her father found out on her return trip home for the holidays. The ensuing scandal would have ruined any chance her younger siblings had at finding decent matches. So her father concocted a plan. She 'married' a foreigner who subsequently 'died' and she lives her life in Venice with her young child and servants. The young man who got her pregnant disappeared (he was Italian).
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