Alexander Volritch

Alexander Volritch
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Jake Age: 25
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  • Etiquette
  • Torture
  • Murder
  • Bloodshed
  • Mayhem
  • Impoliteness
  • People who talk too much
  • peace
  • improperly organized chaos
  • you
The Basics
Name: Alexander Volritch
Play by: Malcolm MacDowell
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Not suitable for discussion in polite company
Age: Oh, old enough
Nickname: None
Around most people, Volritch wears a perfectly happy and inviting smile that would put one at ease if they don't notice how it doesn't quite reach the corner of his eyes. His height is of no particular note and he seems to be in good shape, his clothing often matching the latest fashion trends without standing out too much. Overall, there isn't much to remark in his appearance at first glance and it usually only when his attention is focused on you that you begin to see the cracks in the innocuous appearance. His eyes are as cold and gray as the storm tossed sea and his nose angles sharply allowing him to give a look of such sublime sadastic glee that it sends a shiver up ones spine, most who see that look though don't live to talk about it.
Unfailing polite, charming, friendly, understanding, sadistic, cruel, malacious, psychopathic, logical, reasonable. Alexander Volritch is the nicest most well-organized mass murderer you are likely to meet, his general attitude usually puts people ill at ease as they can't figure out why they are so uncomfortable around such a friendly man. Most don't figure out his true nature until he is surgically removing one of their extremities with a smile on his face.
To one day see the entire world embroiled in bloody war in which he is free to pursue his experiments
Character History
In the interest of ensuring that no one could use people from his past against him Alexander has systematically hunted down and murdered everyone who knew him before a certain age he'd never disclose. While some might have escaped this manhunt they likely wouldn't come forward for fear of their lives, which means the earliest reports of Alexander occur during the French-Anglo wars.

The young man known as Alexander Volritch served with distinction during the war and despite his low birth quickly ascended through the ranks for many acts of valor or well, many acts that helped win battles. Volritch would take actions and do things that other people found distasteful or flat out evil and in doing so save many of his fellow soldier's lives. Torturing an enemy soldier for information? Done. Burning down a village as a distraction while on enemy soil? Done. Sneaking into an enemy fort to poison the well with the severed head of a woman from a village he burned down? He actually wasn't even asked to do that one. The British command recognized the value in having such an amoral creature in their service especially as he seemed to be unfailing loyal and thus his many atrocities were downplayed and covered up even as Volritch gathered strength and power, through bribery, threats, and blackmail. By the end of the war Volritch had enough wealth and influence among the army that he was practically an aristocrate.

Times of peace did not sit well with Volritch though and he made many excuses to go back to war and when he can't be at war, well he was happy to put his talents to other less than savory uses. These days his position can best be described as a problem solver, in that if you present him with a problem he will solve it no matter what that problem is. Misstress threatening to expose your affair after you get her with child? An upstart young noble is blackmailing you? Some bitch wore the same dress you did to a ball? If you want it dealt with Volritch will do so for a price, just so long as you aren't too picky about his methods.
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