Averin An'Arach

Averin An'Arach
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Jake Age: 25
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The Basics
Name: Averin An'Arach
Play by: Ben Barnes
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Age: 22
Nickname: N/A
Averin is a tall man, standing at six foot two. He has a build equal parts lithe and powerful. Broad shouldered, well muscled, but possessed of an undeniable grace. He moves with a slow, languid, precision, that gives him undeniable aura of deadly skill. He is a handsome man. With a square cut jaw, straight nose, and prominent cheek bones. His brown eyes are dark and alluring. Sometimes they sparkle with kindness, other times gleaming with baleful intent. His habitual expression is a half smile.
Fierce, brash, confident, charming, chivalrous, at times ruthless, and friendly. Averin was raised on a ship so his upbringing was anything but normal. He has a rough and tumble personality, that leaves little room for niceties. Though he does have some manners and chivalry these are often over blown. Based on stories he heard and read as a child from Chaucer's Canterbury tales. A book he took quite a liking to as a lad.
To die at sea, with a blade in hand, and a song on his lips. (Or obsenely old and wealthy with a gaggle of younger woman at his side.)
Character History
Averin An'Arach is the son of a Scottish sailor who served on a British navy ship The Intrepid. His mother died of the pox when he was but five years old. When his father returned to port to find his wife dead, he decided to ask his captain if he could bring his boy aboard. From there Averin served as cabin boy aboard his father's ship. After a year at sea tragedy struck Averin once again. His father was swept over board and lost at sea. Both parents now dead things seemed grim for the young Averin.

Luckily for the boy the sailors of the ship had taken a shine to him. The ships captain one Ebeneezer Smythe even adopted the boy to an extent. The captain teaching the boy to read and write to better serve as a scribe. Things went well for Averin for the next ten years. Then when he was twelve tragedy struck once again. The ship was captured by a gang of pirates. The crew who'd raised him was slaughtered and Averin was press ganged into service abroad The Salt O' The Sea.

The next six years Averin got to know the pirates and they got to know him. Eventually they accepted the boy as one of their own. Averin's natural enthusiasm, curiosity, and eagerness to learn winning them over. The boy ingratiated himself with the crew and they taught him many things that he'd have never learned serving aboard the Intrepid. How to fight with a sword, pick a pocket, cheat at cards, bribe an official, and even a plethora of creative curses. Averin found he enjoyed the life of a pirate. Though it was a harsh life, it offered a freedom not found aboard the Intrepid. Which is why he had some regret when he set fire to The Salt O' The Sea.

Averin waited until a calm night when they were only a day or two from port. He was on watch with another man, whose throat he slit. Then the boy laid a line of oil to the powder room. He cut loose one of the launches, set the trail of oil a blaze as the crew roused to the racket, and finally jumped aboard the only remain launch and took off. The Salt O' The Sea burned with most of the crew aboard. Averin got his revenge for the crew of The Intrepid, but now finds himself without a ship or crew. Still he figures he'll find something soon enough.
How did you find us? You know how.
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