Sir Quentin North

Quentin North
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The Basics
Name: Quentin North
Play by: Aaron Eckhart
Gender: Male
Sexuality: straight
Age: 32
Nickname: Quen to some though he isn't found of it.
Standing at a towering six foot four, Quentin is possessed of a well-muscled physique with a barrel chest and large arms. His jaw is strong, his cheekbones prominent, his nose hawklike, and his brow powerful. He has bright blue eyes that usually sparkle with good humor and wit, though they can take on a dark and fierce countenance when roused to anger. His hair is a sandy blond and it keeps it short and well trimmed, his face is usually clean shaven only under dire circumstances does he allow scruff to grow.
Born to a wealthy British family Quentin was raised in an environment of great privilege and great expectation. He was expected to excel at both creative, scholarly, and athletic pursuits and was provided tutors to reach these ends. He is well educated, well spoken, possesses impeccable manners, and is not easily riled to anger. But he is also gregarious, amicable, outspoken, and adventurous. Though he was raised to be the height of British high society he joined the army after completing his studies. After the army, he joined the Royal Geographical Society and spent a great deal of time exploring Africa, Asia, and South America. He learned a great deal of admiration for other cultures and people in his adventures around the world. His fondness of other cultures has lead to him being rather progressive despite the times.
To never stop exploring the world and to be remembered fondly.
Character History
An excerpt from a personal correspondence written by Sir North:

I will surmise my life's story in brief, as any man I have a lifetime of it and I've done my share of living life not just having it. With that in mind, I will briefly cover a few key events rather than dive into great depth.My parents, the marquis and marchioness Percival and Jessica North, of a small holding outside London known as Edenhall, placed great expectations upon me to excel in all fields scholastic and physical. In the later I had no issue, I am natural robust strong in body with a great passion for physical pursuits. From horse back riding to fencing, to boxing I learned and mastered all. However, in regards to the former…

I've been told I have a great facility for languages, though I disagree with this. As a child, the study of language is one I took to instead of fleeing from when a subject ignites the passion of a child there is little that can keep them from learning all they can. Part of the reason I had such a drive for language was that it ties into its speaker's culture, I've no idea why but as a young boy the allure of exotic places and people sang to my heart. This meant in my scholastic pursuits I met my parents wishes when it came to geography, world history, culture, and languages. Unfortunately, I must admit that when it came to literature, the sciences, mathematics, politics, and music I was a dismal failure just barely scraping by with considerable help from a dozen tutors. My parents were less than thrilled with me and as I grew older I began to chafe under their yoke, which is why I enlisted when I was eighteen to fight in the war against the French. At the time it seemed like a grand adventure leaving stuffy old London for the rest of the world while fighting for my country, I had the naïve optimism of a sheltered boy who thinks he's ready to take on the world.

There has never and will never be a more apt description for war than this: War is hell. In my estimation, it may even be worse than hell since at least perdition is supposedly saved for only sinners. Still, there is something to be said for the camaraderie of arms and by the wars end I came out as a better man a rarity that is far too uncommon. The war granted me perspective on my life, good friends I have kept, and a knighthood. The second I would consider the most valuable, but I must admit the first was the most life changing.

The war taught me that I did not want to simply observe other cultures and I certainly didn't want to kill the people of those cultures. What I wanted was to experience, record, and preserve those cultures in whatever way I can. This lead me to study anthropology, geography, and history at Oxford for the next four years of my life. During this period my parents passed away in a ship wreck. This left me in charge of a rather large estate and it's holding, I promptly hired on multiple stewards to manage these affairs for me. I took to traveling the world heading to exotic locales and cutting the way into places white men have never before traveled.

Finally, we approach the end of this letter and I do apologize if at any point I rambled on or bored you. I will say again I've no great facility with words, but I hope that I at least conveyed what my chronicler hoped I would. I will end by saying that I hope you enjoy my story and any future stories that may be recorded and that they encourage you to go out and explore your world for while it is a grand thing to read of adventure, it is grander still to live them.

Sir Quentin North
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