Theodore Solomon York

Theodore Solomon York
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Jake Age: 25
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The Basics
Name: Theodore Solomon York
Play by: Karl Urban
Gender: male
Sexuality: Straight
Age: 20
Nickname: York
York is a towering man at six foot four. He has a square jaw, straight nose, deep set sea green eyes. His hair is a long dirty blond and he usually has a bit of scruff on his cheeks. He is of mixed British and Norwegian descent. He is a thoughtful man a trait often reflected in his expression. His skin is tan and a bit worn from long exposure to sea weather.
work is, in general, an affable, open, and honest young man. He is a Midshipman in the British navy and acts as any officer should. He is unfailingly polite, loyal, and honest in most circumstances. Though when he is around crew mates and friends he can get a bit rowdy and rough. Only while off duty though and rarely to excess. Underneath all this is an undercurrent of ambition. Though not low-born he is hardly coming from a wealthy family. He hopes to rise high through military distinction. Thanks to his unfailing courage he has to seem some success.
To rise above his station through distinguished service, to captain his own ship
Character History
Theodore Solomon York, or just York as he prefers to be called, was born in seventeen seventy on the British Isles. He was born in the south end, to his father Gavin and mother Sigrid. His family owned a few tenement building in the south end. The rent collected from these provided a comfortable lifestyle if not an extravagant one.

Living in the south end put York a few miles walk from Canary Wharf. This bustling center of ship and trade called to the young boy. He spent many days with his friends around the Thames talking to the sailors. Regaled with stories of the new world, pirates, and epic ship battle. Because of this, it came as little surprise that when he turn sixteen he enlisted in the British navy.

York took to the structure and discipline of the navy rather well. Emerging as the best of his training class. He was promoted to Petty Officer on his first assignment aboard The Lancaster. There he served with dedication. Then during an attack on a pirate vessel with distinction. Repelling a boarding party near single-handedly.

York's heroics earned him a promotion to Midshipman and reassignment to the new world. Which was exactly what he wanted. Unfortunately, the ship he was to be assigned to was scuttled to avoid capture by pirates. Which meant that when York landed on Hispaniola he had no assignment. He was on a brief furlough, but was then assigned to the H.M.S Maelstrom. He hooked up with the ship in Port De Pax. Shortly after this he was then reassigned to Venice, much to his chagrin.
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