Etienne Trémaux

Etienne Sebastian Trémaux
This character is played by:
Dravian Age: Thirties
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The Basics
Name: Etienne Sebastian Trémaux
Play by: Jai Courtney
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Age: 26
Nickname: Bastion
At six foot one, Etienne is often one who gets attention, especially with the build of a prize fighter. Piercing blue eyes are often the last things one sees upon this earth, often shaded with a hint of sorrow. Depending on the month, or a simple desire, he often changes from clean shaven to scruff, to a beard, as well as modifying the length of his hair, often looking like a completely different person, by intent.
An often quiet young man, he seems quite far removed from the loud, braggart of his youth. To outsiders he is often cold, uncaring, except when it comes to his family, who see the natural side of the young man. So often seen carrying a book, he reads almost to excess, which is his style with most things.
He does not lose his last shreds of humanity. To see his siblings find happiness.
Character History
One moment in time can change the outcome of the world or in most cases the outcome of one person's world. Boyhood had been a pleasure filled carnival of beautiful girls, emptying wine bottles, and hunting in the French countryside. Siblings only added to the young man’s life, and while the eldest by a fair shot; nonetheless he connected with them on a deep level, often fighting those who bullied them, deep into their young adulthood.

Love was so oft the doom of man in the Greek tragedies, and for Etienne it served no other purpose. He fell for a girl a few months younger than he, and begged his father for the chance to marry her, a count’s daughter. His love was matched in return, but the problem was her twin brother, a long term, but unknown rival to Etienne. On the guise that Etienne had deflowered his sister, he challenged him to a duel, and the pride filled Duc’s son answered, killing the young man unintentionally in the fight. Etienne changed then, for he could no longer meet the eyes of his fiancé, and as such broke it off. He had seen the way she had looked at him when he had killed her brother, and swore he would never again let her feel the emotions by marrying the murderer of her sibling.

A spiral downward, for an eighteen year old boy, losing his way, losing what he thought was the love of his life, he lost himself in drink, in whores, and often in fights. It became second nature for Etienne to come home bloody but victorious, but not exultant in those triumphs. The pain was a reminder he was still among the living, albeit briefly. Everything changed though one unfortunate night, when his anger and willingness to fight put him against a man whose life revolved around ending others’.

His opponent’s pride and spite were the only saving grace for Etienne. He should have died, and perhaps a part of him did die after all. Yet a set of watching eyes was unwilling to allow that, taking the young man and patching him up. He offered him two choices, replace the assassin which he had killed, or follow in his wake. A strange declaration since the man had taken the time and money to patch up the young French noble, but Etienne was still lost. His Maestro had seen those very eyes before, decades before, in his own mirror, and offered the chance of renewing a lust for life, for that single moment, one heartbeat which separated the living from the dead. A place he began to call death point.

Two years away from his family, away from the life he had known, thrown into the fire to be molded, beaten until he showed his true resolve, and when he returned, he was unlike both the wild young man chasing anything with a pretty smile and set of tits, or the gloomy young man who had lost all in the world. He had become something more, a stiletto in the night, a crossbow bolt to the throat, a bullet at the longest of ranges, he had become an assassin. It was not about the killing, nor the sickly sweet smell or taste of blood, but of that desperation, that moment where your life is over if you make the wrong decision that he became addicted to.

The heir of a Duc, the eldest of siblings he constantly sought to protect, a cold, business like man to those who saw him only from the outside, or the last face you saw if you happened to be his most recent target. The many faces of Etienne, but which one will be the one he shares with you?
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