Patience Atterberry

Patience Atterberry
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Autumn Age: 33
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  • Music
  • Having fun
  • Reading
  • Verbal Sparring
  • Learning
  • Plans for her own future being out of her hands.
  • Snobs
  • Having to curb her tongue
  • Idiots
  • How strict society is
The Basics
Name: Patience Atterberry
Play by: Holliday Grainger
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Age: 20
Nickname: N/A
Patience has pale skin, red hair, blue eyes, and freckles. She's a little on the short side but generally, makes up for it by standing on her tiptoes to get a better view at things that are above her head. (Which is most things. She's 5'0)
Patience can be... well patient. She's lived with her cousin since she was ten and seeing has how the woman is a bit flighty, she's had to learn patience (even if it isn't something that comes naturally to her). She's known to be a bit mouthy and can be bad about what saying what comes to mind as opposed to what she should say being a woman and all. She loves to laugh and be amused and rarely takes things too seriously (also unlike her cousin). She's lively and rarely seems to be down. Even after the death of her parents ( whom she loved dearly), she managed to maintain an almost cheerful disposition.
She hopes to repay the kindness of her cousin in the woman's old age. SHe's taken care of her since the loss of her parents and knows that without her she would have been utterly alone.

On the other side of the coin. She hopes to one day get out from under the woman's thumb (without having to marry) and be able to simply live the life she prefers.
Character History
1772 - Patience is born to Margurite and Henry Atterberry at their country estate in Sussex. It is said her father is the one that named her Patience because he saw the shock of red hair on her head and knew that one day she would end up trying his. Patience is the first and only child of the couple, who were unable to conceive after her birth.
1782 - Patience's parents both die of an illness. There had been plans to move overseas for business purposes and both died in the crossing to a new life. Patience is only living relative that will take her in is a distant cousin of her mother's Sophie Durand. Sophie Durand a widow at age 40 and childless, takes in the exuberant ten-year-old. Who would indeed, try her patience.
1783 - It comes to light that Patience has no inheritance from her parents. Her father had lost his wealth in a series of high risk, low yield business dealings that left the family paupers. Their plans to move were driven by the need to sell their family land and start anew somewhere else.
1790 - After the start of the French Revolution, they leave Sophie's country estate with everything they owned. Sophie, a shrewd business woman had dealings all over the world in her husband's name and perhaps sensing the trouble to come, made sure they got away from there (with plans to return once things died down, they didn't of course and eventually all holdings in France were lost)

After their arrival in Venice. Patience settles into life within the city. Making friends where she is allowed and never stepping a toe out of line. Despite her behavior, there were ways that she tried her cousin's resolve by being much too clever and wanting to learn far too much than was useful for any girl. Still, the girl was pretty enough. Sophie was determined to find her a wealthy husband so that she would be secure always. (Not that Sophie would not leave the girl with an inheritance BUT she wanted her safe). While, it seems that Patience is much more content to live the life of a spinster, rather enjoying her the freedom her aunt seems to enjoy (while forgetting that her aunt paid for that freedom with marriage first). Easy to forget that sort of things
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