Kestrel Llewellyn

Kestrel Llewellyn
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Autumn Age: 33
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The Basics
Name: Kestrel Llewellyn
Play by: Astrid Berges-Frisbey
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Age: Twenty
Nickname: Kes
Kestrel is slender and willowy. Almost to the point that her weight could be considered unhealthy. She comes across as timid and it shows in her demeanor and the way that she carries herself. She has long chocolate colored hair that lends itself towards wavy and falls to well past her hips. Her eyes are a darker shade of brown and she boasts a few freckles. It is said she takes most after her mother in looks. More often than not she's dressed in clothing that has seen better days. She really doesn't boast anything 'nice' in her wardrobe. Hair is always bound up and covered in a bit of cloth to keep it out of her way.
Kestrel has a bit of a fire burning within her but that fire rarely shows. She's been beaten down too much mentally by her overbearing father and rarely shows whatever spark it is she's hiding. Her voice is often quiet. Very soft and at times almost inaudible as if she's afraid to speak any louder (which she very well may be). She has a sense of humor but again it is a trait that's been hidden for a long time and no one she can really bring out to play. First and foremost she's caring. She has the disposition a man in her father's place should have had and is always trying to help others. Even if she herself doesn't have much to boast in the way of possessions or even food. She's always willing to pass what she has on to someone else.
When you're a child hope comes with small things. Like you hope to get a new dress or you hope to find something equally silly. As an adult Kestrel Llewellyn only wanted two things and both seemed impossible most days. As her child, her mother had spoken of a man that Kestrel had never met. Her own father. Oh, she'd met the man that her father became after years locked in his own mind but she'd never met the man he was. The good man. The kind man. She hoped one day to meet that man.

Two, she hopes to be able to survive to carry on with her life once her father is gone. Her whole life, despite all the bad, he's made sure she had had a place to live and food to eat. What will happen to her when he is gone?
Character History
As a young man Cornelius Llewellyn was chosen to travel with Anglican merchants to preach for them during their travels to far off places. He spread the word of god to a variety of embassies all over the world and it was in India that he met his wife. Evelyn Carstairs was the daughter of the Duke of Basingstoke and of course, the scandal that ensued from such a union left Evelyn ostracized from her friends and family. At the time she had told herself that it was all right. She did not need them to make her life complete. Over time as they traveled, Cornelious changed and he was no longer the young man she married.

Over time eventual began to miss her family. Miss the life she had given up for a love that did not seem to even be there anymore. SHe missed laughter and parties. She missed her friends and the suitors that had adored her. All that she had given up. All in the name of love for THIS man. On the fifteenth of April, two years after their marriage Kestrel was born. Evelyn now had something to focus her love onto. Her attention was given only to her child now. Her husband would preach every week and she would follow like an obedient wife and hold their daughter in her lap. All the while? Secretly she planned her escape. While her father was angry with her, she had always been his favorite. If she got away from her husband, he would take her and her child in. He would love the girl as she had his coloring, she just knew it.

All her plotting would do her no good as there was no chance to escape. Cornelius kept a close eye on his wife. He was so sure that she was unfaithful to him, though she never was. Kestrel grew up seeing that unhappiness between her parents and despite the fact that they had once loved one another. To the eyes of the child, it would appear that love was not enough. When Kestrel is 8 Evelyn falls ill and dies. Kestrel herself becomes ill, but after a battle recovers without any permanent ill effects. The family her mother would have returned to is turned away at her mother's funeral and is told that Kestrel (who was still ill at the time) had perished too. Shortly after she returns to health they'd begin their travels anew.

Cornelius would tell his small daughter that her mother’s death came about because of Evelyn’s wickedness. That her own near miss was proof that God watched over them all, for he knew her to be wicked as well. His views on God and the teachings of the church had become warped over the years, though it never showed to those in his pulpit. He would give them the sermons they wanted. All the while explaining to his young child how they would never ascend to heaven, not like he would, the true servant of God.

Kestrel never let herself be influenced by her father’s beliefs. She had her mother’s strong will and that left her with the ability to resist any sway he might hold over her. She had never seen God as one to punish, but as one to nurture. She followed that example. She was a kind girl and had several friends growing up.

At 13 her father seemed to develop an illness. Not of the body, but of the mind. For years he had become increasingly forgetful, though it seemed to grow worse then. Kestrel had to leave most everything she did then to begin to take care of him. She would dictate his sermons to paper, assuring that he would not forget them. By the time she turned 17 she was doing everything but getting up to preach them for him. He never did forget how to do that. Some days he would forget just who she was and call her by her mother’s name. Speaking of how wicked she was.

She managed to keep his illness a secret for some time, doing what she could to keep their livelihood safe. However, it became apparent that the man was too unwell to travel, shortly after they arrived in Venice. Since he had given them so many years of hard work they offered him a place at the embassy with his daughter and a small stipend. Kestrel earns a small salary helping out at the embassy herself.
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