Marisol Amilia

Marisol Amilia
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  • Lavish social events
  • House of Bourbon
  • Royal intrigue
  • Horseback riding
  • Opera
  • Her father and younger sister
  • Having what feels like an insignificant position in society
  • French revolutionaries
  • Alcohol
  • Venice
The Basics
Name: Marisol Amilia
Play by: Oona Chaplin
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Age: 23
Nickname: None
Statuesque with piercing brown eyes, Marisol loves to dress like the spouse or consort of a noble or otherwise important man. She is very graceful when she walks.
Although naturally charming and good natured, Marisol has become embittered by her father’s betrayal brought about by her younger sister’s manipulations. Extensive training in royal etiquette enables her to hide her true feelings about a situation behind a pleasant facade. Behind closed doors she is prone to bouts of a fierce temper
Marisol hopes to someday return to Spain, take what she views as her rightful place in the House of Bourbon, and have revenge on her younger sister for ‘stealing’ her place as the Duke of Alençon’s wife.
Character History
Marisol is the daughter of Phillip and Maria Amalia. Phillip Amalia, a descendant of Louis, Grand Dauphin of France, was appointed Duke of Seville by the late King Charles III of Spain. Marisol has an older brother, Cristobal, and a younger sister Isabella.

Phillip Amalia felt that his family’s future was best tied to the House of Bourbon. Growing up, Marisol had been groomed for a royal marriage. Her younger sister Isabella aided the endeavor in any way she could. But over time, Isabella grew resentful of all the attention given to Marisol by servants and visiting officials as Phillip worked to marry off his daughter in addition to the status Marisol would have after getting married.

Upon finding out that the negotiations for marriage with François Beaumont, the Duke of Alençon, were getting serious, Isabella saw an opportunity to get preference over her older sister. She slept with the groom’s father several times in addition to passing along family information which proved useful during negotiations. In return the marriage arrangement would up being with Isabella Amilia rather than her older sister.

Marisol would be married off a couple of years later to one of the Council of Ten in Venice who held the role of State Inquisitor in exchange for his agents looking the other way when questionable goods made their way through Venetian lands.
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