Lucca Medina

Lucca Medina
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Kimmie Age: 33
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  • Women
  • Antique Books
  • Building
  • Stout Ales
  • Coffee
  • Authority figures
  • Violence
  • Injustice
  • Getting Angry
  • Cats
The Basics
Name: Lucca Medina
Play by: Heath Ledger
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Age: 30
Nickname: Luc
Luc is a taller man, standing above 6 feet, with a fit build that indicated he is vain enough to keep a paunch from forming. His hair is of a darker blond color, given to curls when he leaves it to grow, but mostly cut unfashionably short. He has eyes the color of blue flames, full, sensual lips to drive a woman crazy, and that charming, lopsided smile that helps quite a bit.
He is quite laid back, choosing to observe the art that is the feminine body while drinking a nice brew. Lucca doesn't drink to get drunk, he likes to keep his wits about him and make sure all of him is in working order. He is not a playboy so much as very selective with his women, choosing quality over quantity. When not watching for the perfect woman, he prefers a more scholarly way of life, choosing to master language and collecting rare books that might even get him into trouble. He is very smart, even somewhat cunning when he chooses to be, but would rather not be the sort to start trouble if he can help it. He has a long fuse when it comes to his temper, which makes him somewhat scarier when he does get angry, for he will blow up and do some damage. Usually, the anger is over some form of injustice. This is due to how his mother raised him after his father was killed by authorities due to mistaken identity. This has given a great impact to his life, and though he is a law abiding citizen, he does not trust authority figures.
He hopes one day to find the perfect woman. She is indescribable, but he will know her when he finds her.
He hopes to build his own ship one day to sail the seas and see more of the world with whoever he takes on as a bride.
Character History
Lucca was born in Madrid, Spain, to Eduardo, a carpenter, and Maria Medina. He is an only child, as his father was killed when Luc was young, and his mother had many miscarriages during her short marriage to Eduardo. Maria raised him on her own for the most part, instilling in him an honor that she hoped would make her late husband proud. If a man's knowledge was needed, Lucca would be schooled by various uncles throughout his childhood and teen years. The first thing that Maria made sure of was that he knew how to honor a woman; do not pursue and debauch virgins, do not abandon a woman if she is pregnant with his child, make it right, and above all, do not hit a woman, for a loved woman is a valuable asset in a man's life. His uncles instilled in him the knowledge of books, as well as life lessons such as the birds and the bees, and how to not only pick his battles, but to fight his battles. He grew up to be an honorable man, even more honorable than his late father.

His mother died when he was closing in on twenty, and he mourned her greatly. She would not have wanted him to become bitter, as she expressed upon her death bed, and her last words for him were urging him to go out in the world and find his place, live his life, enjoy tomorrow, and find someone to share his world with. He traveled to Venice after a time, intrigued by the city of masks and the promise it held there. He took on a job as a carpenter, and has helped to craft many a gondola and ship along the way. Lucca enjoys his work, his hands were made for the artistry of building a fine craft. His inspiration comes from the curves of a woman's body, sleek and beautiful. His crafts are not meant for speed, but rather, for the enjoyment of the ride.
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