Ella Fallaci

Ella Fallaci
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Autumn Age: 33
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The Basics
Name: Ella Fallaci
Play by: Ashley Moore
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Open
Age: 19
Nickname: El
She is slender but a bit on the tall side. Olive toned skin with freckles on her cheeks and across the bridge of her nose. She has dark almond shaped eyes and a mass of incredibly long curly hair.
Ella is calculating. She knows the score. She does what she has to do to survive and she does so with her head held high. She feels no shame for the choices she's made. She feels proud that she is able to keep herself fed, even if it is in a way most would deem 'sinful'.

On the surface, she comes across as vibrant. A bright star in the heavens. She plays the part she had to for the attention she needs to live. It's very difficult to get past the facade she's built up.
To find out what happened to her mother, good or bad. To simply know what happened to her.

To continue in her current life and amass a small fortune to travel far far away.
Character History
(Trigger: Rape)

Some people were born wicked. Some people had wickedness thrust upon them. It came in small doses like the way people treated them. The way the world saw them. It came from somewhere within them that decided to no longer care about things that most people cared about. Ella was one such wicked creature. She hadn't been born this way. It had become a part of her though, so the good book would say. Her mother had left her when she was ten. Leaving her to find work and never coming back. Ella was left in the care of a man and his wife. At first, the Fallaci's seemed like decent people but as the grew the husband began to see her as something other than a child.

A year ago she found herself trapped beneath his body while he grunted and groaned his way to pleasure between her thighs. She'd been a virgin before that encounter but it had left a poor taste in her mouth for the relationships of men and women. She left the home, stealing enough money to buy a potion to assure herself that no child would come of that man's attempt.

She found herself on the street. Trying to earn a living among the castaways of the world. She shied away from selling her body, trying to figure out something else. Anything else. For it was an unpleasant business. She got work as a maid at a brothel but her face was meant for so much more than menial labor. Courtesan who ran the brothel saw a potential in her and awoke the girl the to the pleasures that can be had if you simply have the right partner.
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