Henrietta Abernathy

Henrietta Abernathy
This character is played by:
Autumn Age: 33
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  • Outdoors
  • Riding
  • Fashion
  • People who mind.
  • Leading
  • People who see through her charade, rare as they may be
  • Being herself
  • When Hesther tries to talk back
  • Not being listened to
  • People who challenge her
The Basics
Name: Henrietta Abernathy
Play by: Ksenia Solo
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Unknown
Age: 22
Nickname: Henri
The Abernathy twins stand a reasonable five foot seven. They hair curly blonde hair and icy blue eyes. Though they do not dress exactly alike it is hard to tell from one moment to the next which sister is which. Each girl moves, talks, and acts the same as the other. Making their appearances impossible to distinguish.
As with their looks the twins always come across as very similar in their personalities. Each seems to enjoy laughing a great deal and playing pranks on those around them. Not even their parents can tell them a part. This ability to transform fluidly into one another had lent itself to some mischief causing over the years on the twins part. They like to push buttons and as children always loved to play pranks on their brothers.

~Personality with one another only~
When they are alone the twins are vastly different people. Henrietta is the louder more boisterous and energetic of the two. She is more than likely the leader and the one who has all the 'ideas' for specific types of trouble for the two of them to get into. Henrietta prefers time spent out of doors and enjoys things like riding, shopping, and playacting. Henrietta is also the more temperamental of the two, leaving poor Hesther to be the more reasonable one most of the time.
As most girls want she wants to find a suitable husband. One that won't demand too much of her and simply let her be.

To not be separated from her sister. That would be most tragic.
Character History
"For there is no friend like a sister in calm or stormy weather; To cheer one on the tedious way, to fetch one if one goes astray, to lift one if one totters down, to strengthen whilst one stands."

Henrietta and Hesther were born to Joseph & Esther Abernathy in Boston. The pregnancy and subsequent birth proved to be a hard one and would prove to be the last for Esther. Since she had given Joseph two healthy sons some years before, her inability to bear children didn't seem to be that big of a deal. From a young age, the twins proved to be a handful. By the age of four, they'd already grown adept at switching places and confusing their parents. Some would argue that not even the girls know which one is truly Henrietta and which is truly Hesther, so long have they played their little game. For most of their lives, they were spoiled, chasing after their older brothers Joseph and Benjamin.

When the American revolutionary war came the girls were very young. Their father chose to side with the revolutionaries as opposed to loyalists and a good thing too. He himself was too old and not well enough to fight but his sons were old enough. One brother chose to side with the loyalists and the other sided with the revolutionaries. Benjamin was killed early on in the war at the battle of bunker hill and Joseph (The Loyalist) sometime later, closer to the end of the war.

Despite the havoc, war must have wreaked on their emotions and finances. The Abernathy's came out on top. Though they didn't have much money left after the war, he has rebuilt his empire in the years since the war ended. They travel to Venice from Boston to increase the Abernathy holdings and find suitable husbands for his very marriageable and moderately troublesome daughters. Something the two girls will fight him on if the need arises.
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