Charles Ponsarde

Charles Pierre Ponsarde
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  • Healing
  • Helping others
  • Stargazing
  • Crystals
  • Dreaming
  • Brutes
  • Harming others
  • Wells
  • Christianity
  • The bitter taste of coffee
The Basics
Name: Charles Pierre Ponsarde
Play by: Reeve Carney
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual (but sex is not a major focus in his life)
Age: 31
Nickname: Charlie
Charles does not care a whole lot about his appearance. He’s rather tall, standing just about 6’ with a rather slim and sometimes almost skinny body. Charles has hazel eyes and brown hair and although he does cut it off sometimes, it’s mostly just there. The hair is straight and half-long and often tousled, as if it has its own life. He dresses mostly in light colored shirts and otherwise dark colors. He often wears some form of jewelry, necklaces and bracelets, but claims it’s not for the sake of vanity, but because there is a deeper meaning to them – like crystals or certain symbols in the jewelry.
While Charles is usually a nice man, he is also often viewed as rather strange. He gets distracted easily, by thoughts, by visions or by his mere surroundings. Charles claims that he can see the future in his visions and dreams and believes in the supernatural and that there is more between Heaven and Earth than what the Church will tell you.

He enjoys beautiful things a lot, but is also well aware that beauty fades. He has for example often been told that for a man, he is almost beautiful, but he doesn’t care. He knows he’ll grow old and ugly someday and therefore, his appearance matters little to him. Charles likes to watch people and he likes to meet new people; and he has a strong desire to help anyone he gets to know better than just sharing a few words with them. He wants to use the abilities he claims to have to do good, rather than bad, but who knows what would happen if he is manipulated by the right - or wrong - people?
To maintain his fortune by helping others through his visions and skills
Character History
1763 – Charles Pierre Ponsarde is born an only child to his parents in France. His parents weren't wealthy nor were they poor; they were simply working and living well. They had tried having a child in many years, and Pierre was what they got. He was rather spoiled as a small child.

1768 – 5 years old, Charles has his first vision of the future. He has a dream in which his mother drowns. Not a week later, she falls into a well and drowns. Charles does not quite understand, but he’s aware that he knew she’d die there before it happened. His father ignores the ideas he has.

1770 – Charles begins school, but is weird compared to the other boys. He often has visions in his dreams and sometimes he’ll daydream.

1780 – Charles longs for a better way to interpret his dreams and visions. He wants to use them to help other people. His father signs him up to study medicine, since that is all about helping people and he thinks this is the way to go for Charles. His father hopes this will also stop Charles from talking about those strange visions all the time.

1782 – Studying medicine is interesting, but Charles likes to experiment and invent new methods of healing. Sometimes they work, sometimes not. Eventually he’s thrown out of school for his odd ideas and the claims that he sees his ideas in visions and must try them out. People begin calling him names and some in secret claim he’s a witch. He doesn’t see it like that though. He ignores them and begins studying astronomy and astrology instead, but again, his ideas are not always looked well upon. He never finishes these studies either.

1783 - Charles dreams that his father is ill and will die soon, so he heads home to stay with him. His father won't listen to the 'nonsense', but eventually he does catch a bad case of pneumonia and dies from it.

1785 – Charles has lived poorly over the last few years and has worked on his skills with the visions and the healing by hands and alternative methods and medicines. Word is getting out and wealthy people come to him, when their own doctor fails. Slowly his fortune rises again.

1788 – Charles has begun working for noble people, even some close to the royals in France, and he is now settled in a proper mansion with servants and the like. In a tower he has a small observatory. No one’s allowed into his private study and library however. Slowly there are uprisings in France and Charles has visions of terrible crimes and actions. No one will believe him though. They claim that if there is a revolution, it will be a noble and proper one. No one will be hurt. That’s not what Charles sees in his visions though.

1790 – With the beginning revolution, new clients come to Charles… revolutionaries. He claims his visions don’t care about your rank in society, and he works for both sides – and does not seem to realize this may be a bad idea.

1792 – Charles is accused by the same revolutionaries he worked for, that he is protecting the nobles and seeking to help them. He knows they want to imprison him and eventually kill him, but knows it is not his time to die yet. He’s forced to flee France and claims a vision has told him to make Venice his new home.
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