Isabel Winters

Isabel Winters
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Kat Age: 29
and all questions can be directed
  • Reading about adventure.
  • Gardens.
  • Ocean breezes.
  • Rainy days.
  • Being left alone to do as she likes.
  • Her father's disapproval.
  • People assuming they know her.
  • Her brothers and sisters.
  • Too-sweet foods.
  • Corsets and stockings.
The Basics
Name: Isabel Winters
Play by: Emma Watson
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Age: 18
Nickname: Bell
Isabel has most often been described as ordinary. Of an average height with an average build, her hair is comprised of varying shades of brown and falls just past her shoulders. Her features are well-formed and attractive enough, with creamy skin and a smattering of freckles across her nose. Her eyes are the most striking thing about her -- a deep, rich shade of brown, they are extremely expressive and full of life, easily reflecting her thoughts and emotions.
The youngest and most-forgotten daughter of a minor British lord, Isabel has always been somewhat shy and reserved. She keeps to herself, preferring to roam the gardens of her family's manor or curl up in her favorite chair in the library. She's very sweet and proper, as polite as one would expect of the nobility, but she's got an adventurous side just yearning to break free. A childhood and adolescence filled with devouring books of romance and adventure has given her a longing to see the world and experience all it has to offer, but this is a desire she hides well.
To one day see the world. To have an adventure all her own. To find someone who loves her for who she is.
Character History
Lord Milton and Lady Mary Winters were well known for two things: The quality of the timber found on their somewhat small estate, and the ridiculous number of children they had. By the time they had Isabel, their youngest, she was following in the footsteps of seven sisters and six brothers, which meant her parents really didn't have a whole lot of time for her. She was mostly raised by their nanny, with occasional lessons in proper ladylike behavior from her mother. As soon as she was old enough to read and get tutors of her own, Isabel discovered a love for reading, and began to devour every book she could get her hands on. Although it drew the disapproval of both her parents, she developed a preference for tales of adventure and romance, and would often squirrel away tomes into her room to read by the light of candles beneath her blankets.

As she grew older, and all her brothers and sisters began to get married and start families of their own, Isabel tried very hard to ignore the worried whispers of her parents. There had been no interest from any respectable family, whether nobility or merchant, as it came to Isabel's hand. Her seventeenth birthday came and went with no offers of marriage, nor even a hint of interest from any direction. This didn't trouble Isabel at all, but her parents were greatly concerned.

The biggest surprise came but a month after she turned eighteen. She received word that a cousin, a bastard son of a distant relation, had been legitimized upon his father's death, and was in need of a bride. Since he had a notoriously checkered past, no smart woman would have him. Her parents were desperate, and despite their disdain for the man, they offered up Isabel -- and her considerable dowry -- to his family. Thus it was that, much to her combined horror and fascination, Isabel discovered she was going to be married to Alexander Archer -- the stranger who had assumed the identity of grizzled, ferocious pirate of a man in her mind, after many years of hearing about his exploits. And so she was bundled off to become the wife of a man she'd never met, wondering what life would hold in store for her now.
Referred by Lily's fault.
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