Zaahira Martell

Zaahira Martell
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Kat Age: 29
and all questions can be directed
  • Gold.
  • Jewels.
  • Wind in her hair.
  • The sea.
  • Alcohol in copious quantities.
  • Being tied down, in the non-sexy way.
  • Being on land too much.
  • Not having alcohol.
  • Men who think they're better than her.
  • Prissy women who won't sleep with her.
The Basics
Name: Zaahira Martell
Play by: Rosario Dawson
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Questionable.
Age: 22
Nickname: Zara
Zaahira isn't particularly tall, but she more than makes up for her diminutive stature with a big, fiery personality. Her mixed heritage provides a somewhat darker complexion that makes her look exotic, especially when paired with her eyes, which are large, brown, and slightly tilted. Her hair falls just past her shoulders and is naturally pitch black, but many years at sea have lightened it somewhat, making it appear sable in some lights and threading it with the occasional strands of golden color. That same lifestyle has also given her hands that are worn and callused from climbing among the rigging and working on a ship, decidedly not a delicate lady's hands in texture, even if they are slender and fine-boned in build. Despite being rather short, she has long legs that make her seem taller than she is, which she likes to show off with tight breeches, or the occasional skirt with strategically-located slits. Her body seems built for being on display, thanks to her curvaceous shape, complete with rounded hips and a decidedly ample bosom, something she uses to her advantage whenever possible.
Thanks due in large part to her.. unusual upbringing, Zaahira is unlike most women. Although not at all manly in her demeanor, she's not particularly ladylike, either. Often described as brash, foolhardy, reckless, and adventurous, she's more at home on a ship than she ever has been on land. Equally comfortable at the helm or up in the rigging, she has an undeniable daredevil's spirit, and has more than once been seen to dive from the mast into the sea when given half a chance. Like most who could be considered pirates, she has a great appreciation for riches in whatever form she can acquire them, and greatly enjoys the acquisition, as well. When in port, Zaahira likes to partake in carnal pursuits with both genders, having no shame whatsoever, although her only true love could be said to be the sea, as she doesn't seem interested (or even capable) of forming romantic attachments to other human beings. Probably her favorite thing in the world is alcohol, in its various forms -- the more, the better.
To retire rich and old on her own private island. Or die in a blaze of glory, if she has to die young. And preferably to get her damn ship back! Not to mention getting revenge on the bastard who stole it from her.
Character History
When your father is a Catalan pirate and your mother is an Arabic pickpocket, your life is bound to be.. different. Geraldo Martell spotted Yasmin while ashore one summer's evening, and decided he wanted her for his own. Yasmin, of course, was having none of it, and told Geraldo to go fornicate with a camel. Repeatedly. But he was persistent, and finally succeeded in wooing the feisty lady thief. Although the two often made a habit of throwing things at each other and arguing vigorously, it soon became apparent they were in love, and Yasmin agreed to join Geraldo aboard his ship, the Catalan Queen.

It was a few years later that Zaahira was born, and she was immediately the brightest jewel in her father's eye. The entire crew doted on the little girl, and she soon had run of the ship, taking to the rigging as easily as she did to walking. She was raised with a love and respect of the sea, and took great joy from seeing all the different places and things the world had to offer. But the sea is a cruel mistress, and it eventually took her mother from them, leaving Geraldo a broken and spiritless man. He waited until he thought Zaahira old enough and bequeathed the Queen to her, then followed his beloved Yasmin into the cold embrace of the ocean.

Although she missed her parents greatly, Zaahira was a natural captain. The Queen was like an extension of her, and she was well-loved by the crew, as she never hesitated to join in on hard labor, and she was always the first aboard whatever ship they were plundering, unafraid to meet injury or death alongside her men. The five years after taking over as captain saw them bringing in great rewards from their ventures, but Fate was soon to prove just as cruel as the sea.

While in the Caribbean, a new man joined the crew of the Catalan Queen, and he sought to find his way into the spot of first mate, and into Zaahira's bed. When she rebuffed him and laughed in his face, he hatched a new plot. Insidious words whispered in the ears of the crew found some of them turning against her, and those who wouldn't "accidentally" met their end in various ways. Soon most of the crew was ready to mutiny against her, and then one night, it happened: They cast Zaahira off the Queen in a rowboat with little more than a week's supply of water and food, and a pistol with a single shot.

Somehow, she survived, and ended up washing ashore in the islands of Venice's lagoon. Now she seeks to find a way back onto her ship, with revenge fresh in her mind...
Referred by Lily.
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