Claire von Brandenburg

Claire von Brandenburg
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Kimmie Age: 33
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  • Beautiful Women
  • Singing
  • Acting
  • A big audience
  • Sex
  • Dick.
  • Did I mention penis?
  • Sloppy Kisses
  • Bad performances
  • Clutter
The Basics
Name: Claire von Brandenburg
Play by: Audrey Hepurn
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Lesbian
Age: 24
Nickname: Miss Claire
She stands at a petite 5'1", with dark, silken hair and expressive, chocolate eyes. She is a beauty, regal almost in the shape of her face, the soft pink of her lips, the straight nose and the poise that she walks with. She has small breasts, but they are there, and an almost boyish figure that still manages to look feminine.
She is vivacious, a bright shining star against a backdrop of black. She speaks with well enunciated words, and has a warm and happy laugh that could fill an entire room. Unlike her sisters, she is down to earth in times of anger and is the voice of reason, even as the youngest. Why, life is meant to be enjoyed and not stuck in sadness or anger!
To become famous in her own right.
For the world to accept her choice to love women. As if that would ever happen.
Character History
Claire was born to a chambermaid and a Prussian Nobleman in Venice. She was sent to live with her mother's family and raised to believe her grandparents were actually her parents, and her mother was her older sister, who had only been fourteen when she was seduced by the man. Her "Sister" later ended up in a convent due to her shame, while Claire was raised to be a good, Catholic girl.

She knew that she was different than other girls by the time she reached puberty, finding herself staring at beautiful women when she knew nobody was watching, and had her first encounter when she was only thirteen. By the time she was fourteen, her "parents" discovered this secret of hers and cast her out for being an abomination in their eyes. Scared and alone, it was the dead of winter when she wandered the streets in search of shelter. Somehow she found herself in the orphanage, and while there, was very quiet and quite sad... Nobody could know what she was!

Once she discovered that she had a kindred spirit, someone who she didn't know was her sister, she spent time with Elvira, whom she adored. After that, she began to bloom into the personality she was meant to have. She had the voice of an angel when she sang, and she would spend time playing little pranks on the other children that always gained laughter, even from the victims. Even the nuns were not immune to her charms, for she was fabulous as she grew up.

She even behaved herself, not touching other girls, pretending not to notice them either... And when she was old enough to make her way into the world, she thought she was normal and could find a good man to marry and have children with. Instead, she found herself wandering into her first theater, watched with avid fascination the beauty of Opera and decided right then and there that she would be on the stage one day.

Thanks to living in the orphanage, she was educated well and could pick up on the different languages she might need to learn for acting, and she joined a troupe. Claire spent the most recent, seven years of her life, climbing her way to the top until she was their lead actress, and knew that this was what she wanted for herself. She even briefly met a man and thought she was in love with him, but found herself unable to enjoy laying with him. Their relationship fizzled, and she continues to live with the dark secret of her sexuality even as she rises as a star in the world of Opera.

Now she spends as much time as she can with both of her sisters, who have given her much joy!
Referred by Jake
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