Boris Melnik

Boris Melnik
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Kimmie Age: 33
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  • Women
  • Freedom
  • Pirates
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  • Illness
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The Basics
Name: Boris Melnik
Play by: Kit Harington
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Age: 27
Nickname: None
Boris stands a tall, lanky 6'4". He has a wiry, but strong build. His eyes are dark and expressive, while he has curling hair of almost black. He prefers to wear facial hair, so is often seen with scruff on his angular face. He almost always wears a scowl, but when he smiles, girlish hearts might flutter. He has a rather nasty scar along his left calf and various scars on his torso.
The man is very quiet... He tends to answer questions with grunts if he can get away with it. One might mistake him for a simpleton, but he is definitely not stupid. He is quite intelligent, although not in the way of a man who studied in school, but rather, learns from observation and participation quite fast. He is very broody, it seems, but he is not without a sense of humor.
To Captain his own ship one day...
To see America
Character History
Boris was born to a couple of Russian peasants near St. Petersburg. He set out when he was a boy, for he had ten siblings and they needed to be able to feed them all, to find his own way in the world. He was, perhaps, the tender age of thirteen when he found his first job as a farm hand. Ever restless, though, Boris continued to make his way through the world until he eventually made it to France, where he thrived until the unrest started to get pretty bad. He became a sailor after that, finding the freedom he sought so desperately on the sea.

Unfortunately, he and his friend, Johan from Austria, and perhaps a handful of other sailors were all that was left from the crew after a band of pirates attacked the ship. Both he and Johan were able to get to the safety of Venice. Even more unfortunate is that Boris had taken on a nasty wound in his left calf, and nearly lost his leg because it had become infected. He fought off the doctors in the hospital, and his friend would not let them take his leg either. Lucky for him, the leg did mend, but he would forever have a limp.

Now that he is healed, he is ready to find employment and ready to live his life again. Johan was essentially his sidekick, the scrawny sailor becoming his shadow.

Boris has been moody ever since the attack, he wishes to exact revenge but knows the efforts would be futile. It angered him that so many good men were lost at sea due to the sinking of that glorious ship, the Blue Dolphin... Maybe one day when he has his own ship, he can lead his own men to victory in capturing the captain of the band of pirates... One day...
Referred by Jake
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