Milan Saxida

Milan Saxida
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Elena Age: 49
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  • books
  • Venice
  • secrets
  • music
  • his Venetian family
  • injustice of all kinds
  • violence
  • suffocating print smells
  • bad people
  • big crowds
The Basics
Name: Milan Saxida
Play by: Terrence Hill
Gender: male
Sexuality: straight
Age: 21
Nickname: none
Milan is a bit taller than average, without being remarkably tall. He is thin, after the latest growth spurt, not having yet filled in to a mature body frame. The years of carrying first sacks of books at home, then paper bulks for the printing house (and the composed galleys) gave him the muscles and the hands of working people. He has the blue eyes of the German ancestors and his hair colour is an indefinite light brown/ dark blonde.
Milan is shy, quiet, well behaved and friendly. One could call him an idealistic dreamer too. As a bookseller's child, he had got a good education for a merchant's son, so that he can balance the accounts of his future business. He doesn't excel in any arts, but he likes admiring them and learning all kind of things, having a natural curiousity. He is closer in age to his two immediate elder sisters than to his brothers, and being raised together with the gilrs, he had inherited a certain gentleness in behaviours. He doesn't like cursing and he is moderately religious. He isn't too worldly, given that he grew up rather sheltered, and even here, in Venice, he is mostly under his uncle's and his cousin's tight supervision.
- to become a master printer and to run his own printing house in Piran
- to have a well-to-do family, not rich but neither wanting
Character History
Born in Piran, part of the Venetian colony of Istria, from a family of Slavic and German ancestry, Milan is the youngest son of Martin and Branka Saxida’s six children. His parents own a book shop in the town. The eldest son will inherit it, while the second and now Milan, the third, when their journeyman time came, were gently hosted by their uncle in Venice, who owns ”Stamperia di San Stin”. Branko, the second son, became a master book binder and he returned to his home town three years ago, working with his eldest brother and his father in the book shop. The three sisters are happily married to middle class merchants too, one in Piran, one in the neighbouring Portorose.

It was now Milan’s turn to go to Venice, and his uncle Anton warmly received him, in the autumn of 1790. Since then he is learning the printing trade, as well as how to publish a journal. Unlike his brothers, he isn’t interested in the book binding side, neither as much in selling books and stationery, but in the printing process and in journalism.

For now, his dream is to return to Piran and open his own printing shop, with his own Gazzetta, but this particular dream might change if he follows his uncle’s life path and gets married in the Capital…
Referred by Lily
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