Phillipe Gastonne

Phillipe Gastonne
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The Basics
Name: Phillipe Gastonne
Play by: Luke Evans
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Objectively Satisfiable
Age: A Rough 24
Nickname: Épée noire
In a world where humanity had rarely reached the height of six feet, Phillipe reached that summit of impressive stature early in life. A height which was enhanced by his normal state of being on horseback. A lithe, well-formed body reminiscent of Adonis, though face had been weathered by both the sun, and the frequency of conflict since his youth. Clothes are often toward the darker shades of color, his uniform only worn when on official business.
A mix of sarcasm and gentle humor form the backbone of the young man’s personality, along with an avid ability to make a friend out of anyone. Politics, nationality, even sex matter little to the young man in the case of those he can have close by. A relaxed, humorous nature that vanishes the moment sword or pistol is within his fist. An officer who men wish to follow, for their lives he values as highly as his own, if not more so.
To die a heroic death at a young age. To make a mark on the world.
Character History
Born in Lyon, Phillipe was the first son of a not so newly made landowner, a lowest of the low noble who had gotten his rise in the world from his skill and commitment in the American war against Britain. The man had taken all his chances and had invested in horses, breeding French and English horses in order to build a stronger, larger beast which had begun to catch the eye of the French Army, his biggest client. Phillipe came into the world screaming, and many believed that he would exit the world in the very same fashion, especially as he began to age. The boy at the forefront of danger, always looking to do the impossible, to ride the unbroken stallions in the spirit of Alexander the Great and Bucephalus, the young man had no fear of pain or death.

From youth he was always entranced by the stories of war from his father, who had fought on the sides of the Americans against Britain. Yet he felt as though he had been born into the wrong era. Wars fought were on the other side of the world, or outside the borders of France, always affecting one of the great powers, but ignoring the turmoil in France which could be saved by a war which could erase all hatred, and build French patriotism and heroism once more. Foolish dreams from a foolish boy, but he had been lucky enough to gain an officers position through his father’s connections. At the age of 22 he was made Lieutenant in a squadron of Cuirassier’s, second only to a true noble Captain.

War was coming, but it seemed as though France was unlucky enough to tear itself to pieces, a King attempting to escape his own country, put under guard, and an army languishing as so many of the noble officers disappeared into the night. While on paper his regiment remained strong, Phillipe found himself in command of his squadron as just a Lieutenant, though the entire regiment was told to stand down until needed, and most sent home. Instead of merely returning to Lyon, Phillipe gained permission in the army sake to begin seeking out new mounts for the guards, and as a half retired officer went to the Italian states to trade for horses, finding himself in the neutral land of Venice, along with his Adjudant-Chef (Warrant Officer), and a few Sergent’s to assist in his task. Though despite the peace abroad, each of the men’s eyes continued to be set upon their homeland not far away, waiting for their return to arms.
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