Camilla Viviana Ferraro

Camilla Viviana Ferraro
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The Basics
Name: Camilla Viviana Ferraro
Play by: Alicia Silverstone
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Age: 23
Nickname: Milla
Camilla stands at a slightly below average height, not horribly petite but not quite average. She has straight, blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes that light with a blue flame when filled with passion. She has a full, sensuous mouth, an hour glass figure with bosoms neither too large, nor too small. On her left buttock is an almost, heart shaped birth mark, and there are faded scars across an otherwise, smooth back. Her rump is rounded and firm, but also not too big nor too small.
She tends to be quiet and observant, almost appearing shy to the mislead eye even though she is far from it. She has a kind disposition, though is not afraid to confront when necessary. Camilla has a fiery spirit, with warmth burning in her gaze that can turn cold when making said confrontations. Her laughter is a quiet laughter, and her voice has a raspy quality to it. She rarely smiles, yet when she does, it is not strained.
To become something other than courtesan...
She hopes for normalcy one day!
Character History
Her childhood is not something that she often speaks of... It wasn't a good childhood at all! She was born, the only daughter to an unknown nobleman and the daughter of a merchant. Because her mother died birthing her, she didn't really know much of either parent, only the vile creature that was her grandfather. Her grandfather treated her cruelly, just as he had done to her mother, and he introduced her to the life she knows now... As soon as she was old enough to flaunt, he forced her into the sex trade; presenting her to various nobles and merchants to gain more money from them and the like. If she defied him by refusing to entertain a gentleman, she would receive strikes from the lash, which caused the scars on her back.

It was like being freed when God chose to take her grandfather away... Only, she'd already been ruined and she didn't know any other life other than working on her back. She used all the money she gained from the estate, she packed what few things she wanted, and left the home that held so many wretched memories for her and sought a better place. So far, things have not been ideal for her, but she is not complaining, nor sad in her life. She shall simply bide her time until her day comes.

She is now looking for her place in life... Would she do well as a courtesan or would she ever find her way out of such a life into something more normal? She hoped for the latter.
Referred by Jake
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