Devony Brydon

Devony Anne Brydon
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Erin Age: 28
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  • Sweet wines
  • Going riding
  • Dancing
  • Hunting (secretly)
  • Reading
  • Gaudiness
  • Excess
  • Rudeness
  • Pretentious people
  • Sour tastes
The Basics
Name: Devony Anne Brydon
Play by: Adelaide Kane
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Age: 18
Nickname: Devon, Devy, Dev
Devony is fairly petite in height and build. Perhaps a little too petite. Her figure is slim and slender, with delicate curves at hips and breasts. Maybe not quite as much as seems to be preferred in this day and age, but Devony is happy with herself. In contrast to skin as pale as cream, glossy ebony hair falls sleek and straight to her hips. Her lovely eyes are just as dark, if not darker still, and framed by long, thick, sooty lashes.
Devony is habitually polite. Ever since she was a girl, she has had to be the responsible, respectable one to balance out her father’s opposite tendencies. Where he lives life in excess and flamboyance, Devony is modest, demure, and reasonable. When the need arises, she is a gracious hostess, and ever the lady.

She can sometimes come off as prickly and unapproachable to those she doesn’t know, tending to keep people (especially men) at arm’s length, unless in a situation where she’s required to turn on the charm. The only person that Devony is ever really relaxed around is Josephine, her stepmother, and dearest friend.

There may still be a spark of girlish, care-free spirit in there, somewhere, but it has long since been barricaded behind a bit of a no-nonsense exterior, outside of her time with Josie. However, Devony is not lacking in warmth. Reserved though she can be -part of which is due to simply feeling like she has to tread carefully at all times- Devony is quite kind at heart; she simply isn’t a doormat.
Settle into her new environment, Find a respectable match
Character History
Devony was born in the county of Kent, the only daughter of Samuel and Georgianna Brydon. Her family was very well to do, titled and respected. When Devony was four years of age, her mother took ill with a fever and passed away within months. This left Samuel with two growing boys (ages twelve and fourteen) and a small daughter to raise on his own. It was at this point that he turned to drinking, and threw himself into a life of excess to blot out the pain. Without Georgianna there to temper him, he was lost.

The children were given over to the care of a governess (naturally) named Josephine, whom Devony bonded with immediately. Even after her brothers had grown, Josephine stayed on to look after Devony. In fact, despite the oddity of it, Samuel eventually married Miss Josephine; much to a twelve year old Devony’s delight. The only difficulty was that the match was not entirely accepted among their peers, but they didn’t care overmuch.

By the time Devony was sixteen, though, it was apparent that Samuel’s reputation and Josephine’s lack of elite breeding were going to make it rather difficult to find a match for Devony. She wasn’t very concerned on the matter but attending social functions had become quite uncomfortable. Whispers behind her back, thinly veiled disdain and outright snubbing met her at every turn.

After a year or so of this, Devony simply set aside thoughts of marriage, but Josephine eventually came up with a potential solution. A family she had once served (and was still on very close terms with) had taken up residence in Venice, some time ago, and had been wishing for Josie to come and visit them for a holiday. She had confided in them of the difficulties they were facing, and they offered their hospitality and help. It was decided that the two ladies would go to stay with them for a time, and introduce Devony into Venice society for the season.
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