Sebastien Labelle

Sebastien Labelle
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  • Working for the cause
  • His country
  • Being kissed senseless
  • Praise
  • Reading
  • Arrogant nobles
  • Being looked down on
  • The cold
  • Open water
  • Living in poverty
The Basics
Name: Sebastien Labelle
Play by: Bill Skarsgård
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual (but leans mostly toward men)
Age: 22
Nickname: Prince des cœurs
Often to his detriment, Sebastien has always been on the ‘pretty’ side; fair of skin and delicate of facial feature, and it doesn’t help that he has a hard time growing a beard. Though he has always been on the tall and lanky side, the first things people tend to notice are his big, blue eyes and his lush lips. Never mind that he actually has a nice, lean musculature to him, to go with the height. Depending on how much sun he gets, Sebastien’s hair -which he tends to wear a little long- goes between shades of dark ‘dirty’ blonde and a rich chestnut color. Either way, he paints a pretty picture, apart from maybe his somewhat larger ears, which he sometimes gets teased for. All the more reason to wear his hair longer, yes?
Due to his lot in life, Sebastien is a bit of an odd mixture, personality-wise. Sort of a chameleon. It just depends on what is required of him, really. He can be charming and coquettish, when need be, and a fiery revolutionist when called upon. Sebastien is also very eager to please, and will do just about anything that his superiors ask of him in order to prove his loyalty to the cause. That doesn’t mean he’s a complete pushover (because not knowing when to say ‘no’ is dangerous in both of his lines of work) but he is certainly obedient to those whom he respects.
-To prove his worth and loyalty to his new mentor/partner, Monsieur Lefévre.
-To help bring about equality by way of assisting the Revolution.
Character History
Sebastien was born into difficult circumstances. His mother, Veronique Labelle, had once been a respectable governess, born and raised in Orléans. But she had taken a job offer from a family in Paris, and it became her downfall. It had started out nicely enough, but Monsieur Firmin, the head of the household, eventually pursued the pretty young governess, and repeatedly forced himself upon her. She had tried to fight, to deny him, but the constant threat of losing her job and reputation served to thoroughly quash such resistance.

When Veronique became pregnant, she immediately informed Monsieur Firmin who told her to ‘get rid of it’. But Veronique was too frightened to do such a thing, having heard horror stories of other girls having died of such a procedure! Not to mention how much trouble she could get into, if her attempt to get an abortion was discovered! Simply asking around about such things could be incriminating!

Eventually, though, Veronique’s pregnancy came to light when she could no longer hide her growing figure, and she was dismissed without references. In fact, Monsieur Firmin’s shrew of a wife made well sure that Veronique’s name was dragged through the mud and that she would never find a respectable position again. And of course, Monsieur Firmin was of no help. He let his wife spread tales, even playing into the lies that Veronique seduced him. He gave nothing to the girl he’d impregnated. She couldn’t even go home to her family, they were so ashamed of her!

The only work that the poor girl could eventually find, in her state, was in a brothel. There had been an advertisement for a maid, and she’d answered it. Her looks were mostly what got her the job; the potential that she could eventually ‘move up’ in the ranks. And she did, too, out of necessity. So this was the world that Sebastien was brought into, and the one he eventually joined as well.

The boy started out helping wherever an extra pair of hands was needed, once he was old enough to be of any use. Sometimes he was in the kitchen, sometimes he helped clean rooms or scrub floors. But once a client caught sight of him at his work, and asked his price… things changed a bit. It hadn’t occurred to the Madame that she could profit off of Sebastien in that way, but if clients were noticing him… then perhaps she needed to expand her selection.

So Sebastien was cleaned up, groomed, perfumed, and… trained. He had his first client at age fourteen. In fact, as a means of promotion and such, Madame Mimieux had hosted an auction for his virginity. Sebastien never knew the name of the man that had won, only that he was to call him ‘Master’ whenever he came to him. Thus began Sebastien’s life as a male prostitute… and quite a successful one, at that.

There was another aspect to this occupation, however; information gathering. Madame Mimieux sold secrets, and had many friends among the revolutionaries. Ones she eventually introduced Sebastien to, when his mother was killed during a scuffle with a client. A noble she refused to service had wrung her neck. The real kicker: It had been Monsieur Firmin, and the story of his conception had come out. Poor boy was nineteen at the time, and it kickstarted his interest in actually taking part in the Revolution.

At first, he simply continued his work as usual, but with more acute instructions as to whom to service, and what information to gather. Over the next couple of years, efforts expanded, and Sebastien was offered an assignment in Venice! Of course, Sebastien leapt at the opportunity, and at age twenty-two, he was sent over to be paired with a more seasoned revolutionary, and help track down the nobles that had fled to Venice.
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