Connor Campbell

Connor Campbell
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Dravian Age: 34
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The Basics
Name: Connor Campbell
Play by: Liam Hemsworth
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Age: 20
Nickname: Con, Connie (To piss him off, mainly brother)
Much of his family resides within the Scottish youth, a strong build backed up in a six foot, three inch tall giant. A tight appearance, he often kept his hair much shorter than his older brother, and a darker complexion seemed the two things which showed them apart, besides the age.
Perhaps as the other face to his brother, Connor being the younger from an early age was a fighter. Which often could alienate those who would have otherwise being friends. But his loyalty was second to perhaps only his brother, for no matter the odds, he stood his ground with those he considered worth it. Since his brother’s trial and departure, he has turned quiet, despite his position now in the Scots Guards Regiment.
To find the truth in why his brother committed murder. To see his family name returned to honorable.
Character History
It was not a kindness to be born as the second son behind a growing legend like Duncan. From a young age, Duncan was off fighting wars for the English ‘tyrants’, and Connor was at home being taught how to run family businesses, in a strangely reversing type of life. It should have been him gone off to war, and the elder, the heir being the one on which the family depended. Youth was spent in learning to read and write, in more than one language, he was going to be the smart one of the two, though by the time his brother came back from the war in America, it seemed he had jumped almost out of reach.

Despite this, Connor loved his brother, and Duncan was nothing, if not the perfect older sibling. A natural flare for getting people to like him, and if he was honest, a little jealousy did spout from there, but not the hatred that goes so often with it. Still, this led Connor to doing the unthinkable, to actually join the Army, in order to serve along with his brother. Then, everything went wrong. His brother disappeared, and a murdered English Officer turned up, and everyone made the connection that it had to have been Duncan. With no Duncan there to defend himself, Connor did his best to do so, believing some explanation had to have been, and so often pointed to the history his brother had in the Regiment before that.
His voice was small, but it found purchase with some of the men, who began to get along with the brother of the man they had admired, even if he had killed a damn Englishman. Though, the sins of his brother did fall upon him.
Unbeknownst to him, Duncan had disappeared about the time his father and mother was to let him know the family had made a match for him with a member of a branch family in Ireland. In spectacular fashion, Connor now found himself engaged by default to an Irish girl he had never met, and wouldn’t meet until their marriage day.

Though what would follow the marriage was the biggest shock. Duncan was still alive, and apparently well. For in that day and age, money was the defining factor of how high one could rise. Money, called a wedding present began to flow in, he knew where it came from, though not how his brother managed to get it. However, one could not turn down the chance at a better life, even if among the very people whom he hated, the nobility. He was able to purchase a commission as a Lieutenant, then alter as a Captain in the Scots Guards, an unthinkable rise of his family, and with a new wife to boot. He was good to his men, liked by his fellow officers (the Scottish ones at least), and at least not hated by his new misses.

Then a letter came, along with a request for him, and his company to be stationed for a year in Venice, to guard the British embassy, and the chance came to seek out his near brother, to find the truth amidst all the lies.
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