Fianna Campbell

Fianna Campbell
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Kat Age: 29
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  • Travel.
  • Adventure.
  • Sweets.
  • Bawdy tavern songs.
  • A good Irish whiskey.
  • Being confined.
  • Being controlled.
  • Spicy foods.
  • Uptight people.
  • Bad liquor.
The Basics
Name: Fianna Campbell
Play by: Emilia Clarke
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Age: 20
Nickname: Fi
It's often said that big things come in small packages, and that's decidedly true for Fianna. She's small, the shortest person in her family, coming in at barely over five feet tall, and with a slender bone structure to match, complemented by full breasts and rounded hips. Fair-skinned, as are most of those of Celt descent, she has delicate facial features that have often earned her the description of "elfin". Her hair is a rich shade of brown and is usually left to fall unhindered clear to her hips, the color only serving to enhance that of her eyes, which are a mercurial blend of green and grey that often changes depending upon her mood, sometimes even appearing blue.
Perhaps small physical stature is a good indicator for personality, because Fianna certainly has a lot of it. She's often been described as feisty, as well as stubborn, bull-headed, and foolish. With a chip on her shoulder and an adventurous streak a mile wide, she's usually the first to willingly seek out trouble or throw herself into danger if she thinks it will be fun. She's also extremely loyal, both to her kin and to those she feels have earned it. She laughs easily, but so too is her temper easily roused. While undeniably intelligent, she prefers to let others think she's not as smart as she is, always seeking to make people underestimate her -- it's easier to get away with things that way, after all.
To figure out how she fits into this new life of hers. To have the kind of perfect life she's always dreamed of.
Character History
Smack dab in the middle of a sizable family, Fianna was born the fifth daughter and sixth child total out of fourteen -- all surviving, which was a miracle in and of itself. Her family was always rowdy and loud, but they were close-knit and fiercely loyal to each other. Fi grew up inherently comfortable in her own skin, encouraged to do whatever it was that pleased her most, whether that be out fighting and getting dirty with the boys, or sewing and playing with dolls as the girls did. So she did it all, going from climbing trees one moment to happily braiding her sisters' hair the next. She grew up wild and free, roaming the Irish countryside with siblings, friends, and animals all as her companions.

She was seventeen when she was told that she was to marry the first son of the Scottish line of the Campbell family, and at first, she didn't much care. She'd known she would be expected to marry someday, and hadn't given it a whole lot of thought. But as her older sisters married and had children, they told her of what their lives were like, and she began to dread the prospect. The thought of some Highland brute in a kilt making her stay cooped up inside, doing nothing but cooking, cleaning, and bearing (not to mention caring for) child after child was utterly abhorrent to her. And so as she aged, she slowly began to despise Duncan Campbell and everything he stood for.

Then everything changed. Mere months before her wedding was due to occur, Fianna received word that Duncan had disappeared. Instead, she would marry his younger brother, Connor. The younger Campbell brother, she knew nothing about. How would he treat her? What would he expect of her? These questions filled her mind as the weeks passed, until finally she traveled to Scotland, accompanied by her family. There she met Connor, seeing his face for the first time as they exchanged vows in a chapel. She made it clear from the moment he made to bed her that she was her own woman, and she wouldn't stay home to do nothing but have his children. Their future was uncertain, but luckily, Connor was smart and agreeable, and let her basically do whatever she pleased.

Shortly after their marriage, everything was turned on its head again. Money in the form of a "wedding gift" began pouring in, and it was clear who the source was: The man who would have been her husband, had he not vanished into the veritable ether. Suddenly catapulted from middle-class to veritable aristocracy, Fianna found herself struggling to learn to fit into a whole new role in the world, that of the wife of a rich officer. Adjusting to silks and jewels when she'd grown up in wool with dirt under her nails became a daily struggle, and one she wasn't happy with. Add in the fact that she realized she'd actually fallen in love with the husband who she believed cared nothing for her, and life had become rather unpleasant for Fianna Campbell.

With an entire uncertain future ahead of her, she joined her husband when he ventured to Venice, wondering what would become of her next.
Referred by Lily
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