Finley McKenna

Finley McKenna
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  • Coffee
  • The upper classes
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  • Boredom
  • Sailing
  • Self-importance (in others)
  • His brothers
  • Debts
The Basics
Name: Finley McKenna
Play by: Craig Olejnik
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Age: 34
Nickname: Fin, Asshole
He resembles both of his brothers in appearance, sharing both his pale skin and black hair with Fintan though he lacks the strong shoulders and sheer mass his twin possesses. He's only minimally taller than Colin, though he generally resembles the same slim build. He looks every inch the cultured gentleman he learned to be, though he has a host of scars from a rather unfortunate encounter a couple years before. This includes a large one on his forearm where the skin was peeled away, and another on his neck. He walks with a slight limp but no longer requires the use of a cane.
Finley was always the more outgoing of the McKenna twins, more talkative and friendly than his brother. As such he was quick to make friends in school and always seemed to be the centre of attention. He's the picture of a perfect gentleman, though he sleeps only rarely and after about three consecutive days he becomes short and the vicious side to him comes out. He's an opportunist with poor planning skills who can talk his way out of just about any situation. He's not above arranging for someone to disappear but dislikes doing the deed himself.
-To never see Hispaniola or France ever again
-To regain the wealth he lost
Character History
Finley was born the younger of the McKenna twins, and while he and Fintan were close as children they grew apart as they got older, especially when Finley started going to school. He excelled in all of his classes, taking a particular interest in astronomy and law, the former becoming a hobby later into his youth as his prowess as a master debater developed. When his parents and Colin emigrated, he had already left for France to pursue his career in law.

He lost contact with Fintan the first year he went away, getting so caught up in his new environment and friends. He had finished his education, and was working as a junior partner at a law office, when revolution broke out in Paris and with hatred seething from the populace towards the affluent and the noble aristocracy, Finley wasted no time in finding an out, planning to take his leave of Paris by way of Caen on the day before the Bastille was stormed. Many of his colleagues and fellow academics were caught up in the madness but he was able to get to leave in good time to catch a ship to Hispaniola.

When he arrived, Finley started work at a barristers and solicitors office as a senior partner in hopes of making a name for himself in the New World and being able to one day return to France with a prestige to his name and enough money in his pocket to start a real practice in Paris. He made friends of the wrong people and ordered the murder of his partner and took full ownership of the firm. He paid for his associations with blood but came into a great deal of wealth, including an estate. After a hurricane and the beginning of a slave revolt Finley once again escaped the fighting and boarded a ship back to Europe.

He intended to make landfall in Prussia, as the Penal Laws were still in effect in England and Ireland, and France was a hot political mess. Due to storms off the coast and predatory privateers from Saint-Malo, the ship was forced to dock in Le Havre. He had unknowingly gained passage with a slave trader. Finley arrived in Paris shortly thereafter as the the captain figured he could make a sizable profit off of him as the Revolution grew more violent and the masses were baying for noble blood. He was imprisoned in the Bicêtre Hospital for well over a year before he was eventually released when it was determined he had committed no crimes against the constitutional monarchy.

Finley could not escape France quick enough, eventually ending up in Venice in December of 1791 where he opened a new law practice.
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