Oriana Capone

Oriana Capone
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Kat Age: 29
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  • Children.
  • Scripture.
  • Romantic tales.
  • Flowers.
  • Cute animals.
  • Scary stories.
  • Anything not cute and furry.
  • Mean people.
  • Spicy foods.
  • The color yellow.
The Basics
Name: Oriana Capone
Play by: Taylor Swift
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Age: 16
Nickname: Ria
While of average height, Oriana is dainty, delicately built and seemingly fragile. Her appearance has been likened to that of a porcelain doll due to her fair-skinned features, her golden curls, and her light blue eyes, not to mention her finely-formed, nearly aristocratic features.
Oriana is perhaps the very definition of a lady. She's graceful, and enjoys the more feminine pursuits, such as sewing (including needlepoint and embroidery), dancing, and the like. She plays the pianoforte with skill and joy, and takes great pleasure in poetry and works of a romantic nature, as well as reading scripture. For all of her delicate nature, she has a nearly unquenchable curiosity about everything unfamiliar to her, whether that be far-off places, books, inventions -- if it's new and unique, she's captivated by it. She adores her older sister Lucrezia and is rather jealous of her courage in moving to Venice to start her own life, but is too shy to say so. Much as she wants to see the world and all the wondrous things in it, she also longs for a sweeping romance, and to someday be a wife and mother.
To be as brave as her older sister. To experience a love worthy of stories. To get her parents to stop babying her!
Character History
Oriana was the second-born daughter of the Capone winemakers of Tuscany, and she grew up as any normal girl would. Her father doted on her, her mother scolded her (lovingly, of course), her older sister Lucrezia played with her, and her older brother teased her. The other siblings that followed just rounded out their family dynamic, fitting in seamlessly. Oriana did her best to educate her younger sisters, both on topics of knowledge and matters of spirituality and femininity, as Lucrezia and their mother did.

She was always a favorite of the youngsters in their village, never hesitating to go out and play with them, or sit with them beneath a great spreading tree and read to them from the Holy Book. As she aged, she grew from a somewhat gawky child into a lovely young woman, and she very quickly became aware of the attention of boys her own age. She was far too sweet and innocent to pay them much heed, however, especially when Lucrezia introduced her to tales of romance and tender, courtly love. All the boys in Tuscany were far too rough and uncultured for her tastes, and it wasn't long before Oriana began dreaming of faraway places and dramatic love stories.

When Lucrezia departed for Venice, she despaired of losing her best friend and beloved older sister, but they exchanged letters frequently. It came as a terrible shock the day the letter arrived in which Lucrezia announced she would be settling in Venice permanently. Distraught, Oriana begged their father to give her permission to go to Lucrezia, if not to convince her to return then at least to make sure she was alright. Reluctantly, their father agreed, but only on the stipulation that their elder brother go with her. Unbeknownst to the rest of the family, Oriana hoped to not only find Lucrezia well and happy, but to be able to convince her sister that they would be better off living in Venice together. After all, where else was she going to find a dashing prince to sweep her off her feet?
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