Pasqual Baseggio

Pasqual Basseggio
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  • Feeling superior, be it wealth or physically
  • Music, particularly composers such as Adalbert Gyrowetz and Giovanni Paisiello
  • Books, which he often uses the excuse of his need to return them to the library to avoid awkward social interactions
  • Sexual Dominance
  • Murder?
  • His identity, or lack thereof being impugned
  • The personalities of women
  • Poor outfit choices
  • Paulo Alberti
  • Attendees of the University of Caligari
The Basics
Name: Pasqual Basseggio
Play by: Giulio Maria Berruti
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Hetereosexual
Age: 27
Nickname: Marco Zusto (Name of a peer he is often confused with), Paulo
Pasqual goes to great lengths to maintain his visage and body. His dark hair is slicked and tied back as is the contemporary style. His grey-blue eyes are piercing, but often restless. He wears frocks and coats of the finest cut and newest designs, much like his peers and fellow merchant nobles.
Intellectual, sophisticated, refined, twisted. Perhaps all words that could describe Pasqual Baseggio. Still, there is no true Pasqual Baseggio, perhaps in flesh and blood, but what of spirit? Pasqual is a man driven by his ambitions, his materialistic wants, and need to fit in with his peers. Yet, conformity is exactly the thing that is driving his darker side. In the sea of the well-groomed Venetian elite, Pasqual craves recognition; some sort of escape from the droll trappings that his status affords. He looks down upon those less wealthy or less attractive. Women to him are disposable pleasures, nothing more than meat. His care for his body and image is borderline narcissistic. Yet his obsession with himself pales in comparison to the grip that jealousy takes hold. He envies his more successful peers and their possessions, particularly items such as stamps with subtle coloring and tasteful thickness'; feeling a primal rage from his insecurities and need to be admired. Whether this primal rage translates into actual blood lust, well, that is up to ones interpretation.
-To reach success and recognition by his peers.
-To feel a sense of fulfillment and identity.
Character History
Born November 3rd, 1765 in Treviso, Veneto into the wealthy Baseggio family, Pasqual was afforded the most elite upbringings an Italian family could provide. His father Stefano Baseggio was a banker for the Pedrotti & Pedrotti conglomerate of Venetian bankers. His mother, Rosa, was a native of Belluno and a socialite. In his youth, Pasqual appeared to be a normal child. He was noted for his intelligence and love of music, but was also noted to possess a morbid fascination with injuries and blood. This macabre fascination with flesh could be observed firstly in the Fall of 1778, with the "accidental" maiming of his brother Sergio Bocce volo; a bocce ball inflicted injury which knocked his brother's eye from the orbital. Other than the aforementioned love of gore, Pasqual lived a some semblance of normalcy, being immersed in the life of an upper class Italian.

Pasqual was educated at the Università degli Studi di Modena e Reggio Emilia. His time in the university was punctuated by revelries, gambling, and consumption of both wine and women that one could construe as near hedonistic. Hedonistic to the church and commonfolk perhaps, as this behavior was all too familiar for the playboy youth of Italy. He was even cited and fined by the university for "indecent and immoral behavior" for sexual conduct with one the university seamstresses. Orchestrating an act that could only be construed as some sort of sadist bondage. His partying behavior was not purely for antics, Pasqual knew camaraderie would garner connections and connections he gained. He cultivated a love of music both popular and eclectic, studying the composition and the lives of the musical souls he admired. He also was an avid athlete, participating in bocce and horse racing; demonstrating skill in both. He admired, nay, lusted for the limelight and the cheers of his fellow students. Again, the veneer of "normalcy" was veiling Pasqual. While in Modena, Pasqual had the aspiration to work as a Avogadoria de Comùn, but was swayed by his father from entering into law as a career and to utilize his legal studies for the art of finance.

Upon completion of his schooling career, Pasqual moved to Venice proper and, just as his father, worked for Pedrotti & Pedrotti banking in Venice. Specializing in mergers and acquisitions, Pasqual utilized his connections from university to acquire lenders and holdings of other patrician families to great success. Yet, in spite of his success, he was still not the preeminent star of the Venetian banking community. Peers like Paulo Alberti were, so he thought, more handsome, more eloquent, more able to attend fine dining and exclusive social gatherings than he. He envied his peers beneath a facade of forced wit and smugness. He had a small circle of friends, but was he truly a part of this circle? He often agonized privately over his insecurities, imagining and scribing vivid descriptions of the demise of both his peers and his sexual conquests.

Pasqual now resides in San Polo, in an apartment fitting his station. A domicile filled with books, the style of furniture, and fine wines. Intellectual, sophisticated, refined. Sure, Pasqual is all of these things, but what of his sanity?
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