I'm Accepted....now what?


First and Foremost Welcome.
We are thrilled you have joined us and cannot wait to see you active and enjoying the site and our community.

  1. With our unique Application Submission Process many things happened at the same time. Meaning by submitting your application in our new way the site has automatically filled in many things for you.
    1. You do not need to list your PB in a Claims Thread.
    2. You do not have to submit your OOC or Primary account to a members Directory Thread.
    3. Your plotter is automatically linked to every Application Submission.
    4. Your Application once Accepted by an Admin is Automatically Generated and moved into the Who's Who for you.

  2. Our new Who's Who has multiple functions
    1. By member button you can see all Characters played by that Member; i.e. their playbills.
    2. Each Character playbill gives you instant access to their application and plotter.
    3. By the search bar you can search for specific PB, Character, Member, Occupation, etc. The search perimeters are endless.

  3. Be sure to Say Hello (and read about our other Authors) in our Introductions and How do you Plot

  4. Please learn how to Navigate our Forums. There are tutorials on Linking your Character Accounts with your Member(Primary) Account, as well as how to work with the different notification systems.

  5. Do not be shy.
    1. Stop by and check out our Members Plotters and Trackers, in here you will also find Open threads and Member interest for New Site Wide Plots.
    2. Stop in and see if a your character can fill a Wanted Add or make some New Adds to fulfill your character's plot needs.
    3. Stop in Discord and meet all of our authors. Please create or rename your Discord account to Match your Member(Primary) Account Name on Memento Mori(MM).
    4. You can always use our General C-Box as well but please do not get discouraged if we are slow to catch you there. We really live in Discord these days.
    5. We can all be found OOC Here as well.
    6. And if you so desire you can leave questions or comments Here.
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