Edward Baxter Blackwood

Edward Baxter Blackwood
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The Basics
Name: Edward Baxter Blackwood
Play by: Benedict Cumberbatch
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Age: 34
Nickname: Ed, by his sister
Edward stands at just over six foot two, and is quite skinny. His skin is pale from too much time indoors, though he’s beginning to tan a bit after living in Port De-Paix. He has a narrow face and jaw, with high set cheekbones, an aquiline nose, stunning blue eyes, and short brown hair that tends to curl when it gets to long. Edward is a friendly man and his habitual expression is a smile with a slightly distant look in the eyes. His mind often dwelling on his latest idea or the last book he read. He is never seen without a gold locket he keeps about his neck.
Edward is a kind, thoughtful, clumsy, occasionally bumbling, bashful, and intensely curious man. He is well educated and keenly intelligent though he lacks a certain common sense. Often forgetting to eat for days on end when his curiosity is roused. He is quite amiable if a bit scattered during conversation and most people find him likable if a bit odd. There is also a certain weight to his bearing, a secret and well hidden pain that comes out rarely. Something haunts this man and he seems unwilling or unable to let it go.
To die quietly without hurting anyone else he loves, That his sister will find the happiness he can no longer have.
Character History
Most recently led by the illustrious William Blackwood and his wife Annmarie, the Blackwoods were once a family of old money and holdings in England. William was first-generation born in America in the family home in Boston, and was often considered eccentric, being a philanthropist and well-known tinkerer who fancied himself an inventor. The couple were older than most when they had their first child, a son named they named Edward, and several years later, they surprised everyone by having another child, a daughter. Sadly, Annmarie’s advanced age meant she didn’t survive the stress of birth, depriving Edward of his mother. The then nine year old boy held a certain resentment towards his sister though he knew it wasn’t her fault. William raised his children as best he was able with the assistance of a spinster aunt and his staff, but grief and a bad heart meant he passed on a mere dozen years later, leaving his children to carry on the Blackwood name without him.

Two years prior to their father's death Edward had traveled to Europe to study abroad. Since he was young he’d shared his father's inquisitive and thoughtful nature. Indeed, many called him the spitting image of the elder Blackwood and often praised the boy for his intelligence. Edward was incredibly clever, more so than even his father, often having revolutionary ideas far ahead of their times. Though, his naturally absent minded nature and desire to pursue knowledge for its own sake often meant these ideas were left unfinished. Notes in a journal that never see full fruition. Edward rarely had cause to regret his nature until his twenty-first year, when he discovered a missive under a stack of books. He’d received the letter several months before, setting it down to read later, and totally forgetting about it. The contents shocked the young man to his core.

It was less than a day after receiving news of his father's death that Edward chartered a ship back to America. His long held resentment towards his sister forgotten upon realizing she was the only family he had left. Arriving at the estate nearly six months after their father had been buried, Edward found Annabel a sullen and angry young girl of twelve. Knowing that he had to take care of Annabel but unsure of what to do Edward made an offer he would have loved as a child. Had he had anything resembling common sense he might not have made the offer. After all, what girl would want to leave her home behind to study abroad? Fortunately for Edward, his sister was similar to him. Instead of being outraged at his offer, Annabel accepted eagerly and slowly over the course of months a strong bond formed between the siblings.

Edward and Annabel spent the better part of a decade in Europe. It was during that time that Edward met and fell in love with Ambre Vaillancourt, a French woman who was his complement in every way. Attentive where he was lax, wise where he was oblivious, beautiful, kind, and demure. For Edward she was a perfect match though it took him a full year to realize this and another two to court her. Eventually though the two were wed in Barcelona and they made plans to return to Boston, crossing back over the pond soon after Ambre was found to be with child. At the time life seemed perfect for Edward.

Such happiness doesn’t always last though. The new family set up shop on the outskirts of the Blackwood estate, building their own private cottage with an attached laboratory for Edward to tinker in. The man took up as the nearby town’s doctor and pharmacist, putting his considerable knowledge to work keeping people healthy during the day. At night he tinkered at various sciences that took his fancy. One night he was indulging in the study of chemistry. He’d stumbled upon an idea for a liquid explosive that could revolutionize the world. Unfortunately, an accident set a flame and Edward, seeing what was about to happen, dove for cover. He barely survived the explosion that destroyed his laboratory and set his house ablaze. His wife and young child of three didn’t.

Edward fell into a deep depression after his recovery. Barely moving, refusing food until hunger drove him to eat, and in general doing nothing at all. When his sister Annabel caught him with a noose she decided that enough was enough. She forced him to pack his things and get ready for a move. Hoping a change in scenery would drag him out of the darkness that had engulfed him. The travel did restore him somewhat to the man his sister once knew. But it was obvious to her that there was still a deep festering darkness inside him, even if he had returned to his studies. Still, he was willing to help her open and run her new school inVenice.
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