Angelica da Verona

Angelica da Verona
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  • Ignorant people
  • Her brother Andrea
The Basics
Name: Angelica da Verona
Play by: Rachel Hurd-Wood
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Age: 21
Nickname: Angel, Veronita
Her brother is fairly tall for a man; Angelica, standing just about 5'7", is somewhat tall for a woman too. She has bright red and curly hair and light blue eyes. Not quite as blue as Alessio's, but there is a similarity there. Her skin is fair and pale and she'll often have a small smile about her lips and a spark in her eyes; as if she is up to no good. She enjoys wearing luxurious clothes and does not really have a favorite color.
Unlike her favorite brother, Alessandro, who dislikes any kind of conflict and isn’t all that brave… it would seem Angelica got what he didn’t. She’s not afraid to speak her mind or stand up for herself or those weaker than herself. Even as a child, she would speak up to her older brothers when they taunted Alessio, because it was easy. She got her fair share of beatings too as a child, but she isn’t afraid. She can find and she can wield a sword – all in secret of course, as she must appear like a proper lady to everyone. But beneath that pretty and proper façade, there is a woman who likes to make her own choices in life. And she isn’t afraid to do it.
To find a husband who will understand her and be kind to her
To meet interesting people who will take her on new adventures
Character History
Angelica was born barely two years after her older brother Alessandro came into the world; and ever since they were small children, they have been close and somewhat distanced from their older brothers. Gossip had it that they weren't even fathered by the same as their older brothers, but she never believed it as a child. As a small child, Angelica was never afraid to explore the world and as soon as she could walk and climb, she could found in the highest trees with a nervous Alessandro standing underneath the tree, begging her to come down before she’d fall. But Angelica was not scared! She could tackle the world and that’s what she’d do!

Before she tackled the world however, she had to deal with her older brother Andrea. 7 years older than she, he was bigger and broader than her. Still she wasn’t afraid to speak up to him though and when she watched his treatment of her beloved brother Alessandro, she was the one who yelled at Andrea from a young age – and sometimes, he would stop bullying Alessandro and move to her instead. Angelica often ended up just as bruised as Alessandro after those encounters, since Andrea did not think it was wrong to beat up his own sister. She didn’t back down though; she fought harder!

Sadly however, she grew up and discovered that girls weren’t meant to climb trees, they weren’t meant to fight and they weren’t meant to go on long rides on horses or learn how to fence. Girls were supposed to sew and knit, perhaps read a bit and otherwise just sit around and listen and talk about gossip. They were supposed to be quiet, supposed to dance and supposed to be pretty- and eventually, they were supposed to become wives. Sometimes she thought she ought to have been the brother and Alessandro the sister, since she wanted all the things in life he didn’t want. Still they stuck together though, and when they began to grow curious about men (both of them), they would sit in the corner during parties and watch the males and dance with each other, tempting everyone else. She noticed that even Andrea sent her hungry gazes and she used this to her advantage; for she knew he’d never touch his sister like that, at least. Suddenly it was easier to get back at him, because she had grown into a stunning young woman and she was no longer a skinny little girl.

The stunning young woman’s interest in men only grew with her age – and she was but 14 years old, when she first gave into her forbidden desires and slept with an older nobleman, who stayed in their castello after a party. They had danced and laughed together, and once the castello was quiet, she snuck into his room. He didn’t tell her to leave. After that, she didn’t stop. Of course she kept her little affairs secret and only Alessandro knew what she was doing; because he was just as busy as she and they seemed to have a common interest here. Even after she'd become a woman, she and Alessandro would sometimes sneak into each other's rooms to talk all night and discuss their latest adventures. It was only luck that their servants never mentioned it to their parents, when they'd find them in a close embrace early in the morning, sleeping. When Angelica was 18 years old however, she was engaged to be married a year later, when she was 19 years old. By then, she was a quite experienced young woman and even her fiancé got there before the wedding night. That was lucky, or he would never have become intimate with her. Her fiancé grew ill just months before the wedding and never recovered. Angelica was a widow even before she married and until now, when she's 21 years old, she is still unwed. Sent to Venice under the guise of her being supposed to find a husband there. Really she is also to watch out for what Alessandro is up to, but of course she'd never let her favorite brother down.
Referred by Lily!
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