Regina Salieri

Regina Liona Salieri
This character is played by:
Erin Age: 28
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  • Learning
  • Lively music
  • Singing/Dancing
  • People-watching
  • Hearing travelers’ tales
  • The chains of her station and gender
  • Menial chores
  • Being completely dependent on her father
  • Sour/bitter tastes
  • Being shut in/stifled
The Basics
Name: Regina Liona Salieri
Play by: Anna Popplewell
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Age: 18
Nickname: Gina, Reggie
Regina was graced with thick, glossy hair that is a rich, dark brown with subtle, natural highlights of an almost copper shade. It falls to the gentle swell of her hips in silken ripples, and seems to bounce back and forth between lazy, flyaway waves and lively, doll-like curls depending on the humidity. Her skin, smooth as silk, is quite on the fair side; leaving just enough pigment to have a faintly rosy, creamy tint without being washed out or sickly pale. It’s quite exquisitely brought out by eyes of a startling, ice blue that have a hint of an exotic shape -which is cleverly disguised by long, thick lashes. Adding to this her petite 5’0” stature, and delicately curved build, one could take her for a finely crafted porcelain doll.
Regina’s mother instilled in her the proper breeding and etiquette of and English lady, despite their somewhat pauperous circumstances, and Vicente gave her a passion for knowledge and tales of adventure. So she’s an odd mix of demurity and ambition. She rather detests the limitations of her sex, when it comes to education and the dependence of a marriage match, however… she does know her place, and is realistic about the likelihood of it drastically changing, anytime soon. It doesn’t mean that she can’t hope for more, though. Who wouldn’t want a better life? All of that aside, Regina is a very warm and friendly individual. She’s quick to smile, makes friends easily, and has a burning curiosity for the world around her. It sometimes can get her into trouble, when she asks too many questions, but she is pretty good at soothing ruffled feathers, as her mother taught her well how to gracefully evade confrontation and argument.
To find a way to improve her station, to leave the confines of her unsteady home life behind.
Character History
Regina was born into the mixed union of a low-ranking Venetian merchant (Vicente Salieri) and the youngest daughter of an English nobleman (Alice Dudley). Unfortunately, as neither parent had much to their name, the home life was pretty stressful and precarious. One moment, they could be enjoying the fruits of Vicente’s ventures, and the next they were struggling to keep the creditors at bay.

By the time Regina was of a marrying age, they were struggling still. As their only surviving child, it was in the family’s best interest for her to be married off, swiftly, and to as wealthy a husband as they could manage, but they couldn’t maintain a sufficient dowry for her, and so the finding of a match kept getting postponed. Regina was beautiful, amiable, and had many other fine qualities, but it always came down to money and what she could bring to a family. Plus she was often seen as a little too educated, given Vicente’s penchant for imparting worldly knowledge upon his daughter; much to Alice’s chagrin.

Eventually it came down to three choices: a convent, an apprenticeship with the courtesans, or some sort of employment. None of them were ideal, in Alice’s mind. Still, when an ad was put out for the position of a lady’s maid, Regina took the initiative and answered it (with her father’s blessing, of course). Luck seemed to be on Regina’s side, for the interview went smoothly, and she emerged with the position in hand. Alice was furious, feeling that she and her daughter were above such things, but Regina was elated and eager to begin her new life as the maid of one Adrienne d’Apcher.
Referred by Belatedly followed Lily n Co. from Skysails/Avaria
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