Lucrezia Capone

Lucrezia Capone
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Kimmie Age: 33
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The Basics
Name: Lucrezia Capone
Play by: Molly Burnett
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Age: 18
Nickname: Lucy
She stands at a petite height, and is of a trim figure. Her hair is of a light copper color, bordering on blonde but not quite. She has blue eyes, an aristocratic nose, and full lips.

She has a birth mark on her left, inner thigh, and a light dusting of freckles across the bridge of her nose.
Lucy has is a bubbly young woman who sings just to sing. She is a hard worker with a good ethic and attitude toward life. She is naive to a degree because she has a very trusting nature, but seems to stay out of trouble for the most part. She is quite smart, though she tends not to let her mind get the best of her by her being outspoken; instead, she holds her tongue. She never really gets angry unless it is over something involving children, since she adores little ones and would do anything to make sure they are safe, due to her having helped to raise her younger siblings, which she has ten and counting.
She hopes to make something out of herself so she can start sending money to her large family to help them out.
She really wishes to find a good husband and to start a family of her own.
Character History
Lucrezia is firstborn in a large brood of children, oldest of eleven children with more to come. Her parents are Florence and Lorenzo Capone, her family owning an vinyard in Tuscany, from which they make some of the finest Chianti wines. And though she was very good at helping around the Vinyard, her mother wanted her to experience life outside of Tuscany for a time and decide for herself if she wished to continue on in the wine business. Her father agreed to this, for he wanted her to find love, and not feel obligated to stay on at the Vinyard... He had plenty of boys to help him out! She has traveled a tiny bit, and recently made her way into the city of masks where she finds herself intrigued by the glitz and glamor, though she does not know where to begin, seeing as she is a country miss. She has been on her own since she was sixteen, taking on odd jobs to support herself as she traveled about Italy, her favorite being a companion to an old, aristocratic woman who opened her eyes to some of the finer things in life without spoiling the charm of being a country miss.
After the old woman passed on, Lucy mourned for a time before making her way to Venice as a means of paying homage to her. It was one of the dying wishes, after all, to see Lucy swept up in the magic of a Masquerade.

She sometimes finds herself being homesick, and is on the cusp of making a decision as to whether she wants to go home for more than just a visit, or pursue a brand new life in Venice.
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