Joseph Abernathy II

Joseph Abernathy II
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Kimmie Age: 34
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The Basics
Name: Joseph Abernathy II
Play by: Ian Somerhalder
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Age: 35
Nickname: Joe
He stands at about 6' even, and is of an athletic build, though not overly muscular. His eyes are a bright blue color, his hair is dark.

He sports various scars, the most recent one being over his heart where a knife grazed him. He has a tattoo on his shoulder blade of a scorpion.
Joseph is a most serious personality. Whatever humor he had in his life had been snuffed out with the death of his wife. Now he is just broody and cantankerous, for the most part. He is also a troublemaker. He likes to look for fights, as it helps him cope with his anger issues. He has a quick temper and tends to drink a bit much when a certain mood hits him, making him an angry drunk. Despite all that, there is still some good in him... If one can get passed his sarcasm and pessimism.
Joseph hopes to one day get rid of the memory of his wife's untimely death.
He also hopes to marry his bratty sisters off before they drive him mad.
Character History
Born in Boston to Joseph and Esther Abernathy, he is the eldest child of the two, and older brother to Hesther and Henrietta. He left Boston much sooner than his family, having gotten married when he was only seventeen to his wife, Christine, who was the sun in his sky. He and his wife traveled a lot, they sailed to places like Africa and India, and finally settled for a time in London. On the last trip he took with his wife, which was when they were in their early twenties, the ship they were on went down and he lost her in the wreck. She was carrying his child.

He hasn't been the same since that fateful night, having lost the love of his life. Life took away what was most precious to him, and now he is stuck in the past even as he grows older and needs to find another wife. After all, somehow he found out about his father's death in Venice, leaving his two spoiled sisters in the wake. Now what was he to do?

What is worse is, unbeknownst to him, they had received misinformation a few years ago about his demise even though he was still alive. That probably has something to do with the fact that he gets into so many fights with others. He also ended up with a wee bit of a drinking problem... Not that he drank all the time, it was more of a quantity issue when he did drink: A binge drinking issue. The fight in question happened after such a night, where his temper made him a mean drunk. Neither man died, but that was how Joseph received the scar over his heart.

He now has the task of trying to find husbands for the girls, but doesn't know that his hands will be full. He also will have a time of getting his father's final affairs in order, seeing as the man spent money willy nilly on his sisters. Imagine, having to get a whole new wardrobe for one of the girls! Such extravagant spending. He was not happy.
Referred by Jake
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