The Winemakers - Capone Familia

Lucrezia Capone is one of several siblings!

About Lucrezia
The Capone family is from region of Tuscany, near the city of San Gimignano, and owns a lucrative vineyard where they make and bottle a fine quality of Chianti. Most of them pride themselves in being able to talk about wine and how it should taste.

Requirements for all family members:
They must know about Chianti
Blue or Green Eyes
Red, blonde, or light brown hair
The Protective Older Brother
Name, Face Claim, and personality are your choices.
He is protective of his sisters, and the second eldest son.
Age: 20 or 21
He goes to Venice to find his sister and check on her after a letter from her to the family stated that she was going to start a life in Venice and not go home to Tuscany. While their father wanted her to find herself, he does have concerns about her choices and wants to go see her for himself, but cannot leave the Vineyard as his wife is about to have another child, possibly their last.
Some of what he likes: Learning, and working hard
Some of what he dislikes: Liars

The Curious Younger Sister
Name, Face Claim, and personality are your choices.
She is Lucrezia's first younger sister and is quite curious
Age: 16
She tags along with her older brother with their father's permission... She is quite interested in the City of Masks, and of a similar mind to travel like her sister but possibly more into the idea of becoming a wife and mother than her sister is. She is more excited to see her sister than her brother is.
Some of what she likes: Scripture, children
Some dislikes: Scary Stories
Claimed by @Kat

The Pious Cousin
Name, Face Claim, and personality are your choices.
May be male or female
Age: 16-20

He or she also tags along, but he or she wishes to join the church and decides to look into starting their religious journey within the churches of Venice, partly so he or she can keep an eye on Lucrezia, and partly because he or she thinks they can be of more help in the city, rather than the country. He or she may have aspirations of running an orphanage or clinic.
Please reply to this post or contact me through Discord if that is where you like to hang out if you have any questions. I have deliberately kept it simple with these characters for people who want an idea of where to start, but don't want their characters to be completely created by someone else.
word count: 439
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