Re: Blind, But I'm Still Alive

His steps were silent, though who could hear over the pounding of a Prince’s heart? One by one his graceful bare feet slid over the stones, the warmth of it slipping away as the doorway darkened his steps. Though he was sure upon his stance, he was blinded by the dark. No stranger to hidden halls and quiet corridors Gale could close his eyes and find his way just as quickly, but Nicholas he imagined could have guided him with the light in his eyes.

At first he thought Nicholas may have ran upon slipping away and giving a moment to his silence, but he obeyed. He did as he was instructed and for this he would be rewarded with Gale’s hands coming to press back at his chest so that he wall could offer something hard and stable.

“My Prince,” His whisper against the corner of Nichlas’ lip started the contact of two lives touching skin to skin as he kissed the thin line and took up the Prince’s hands. “Have you ever done this before?” He would not kiss his lips the act too intimate for such a brash and seedy place, and his mouth was far too dirty to ever take away the illusion. This was not for love, this was not a place for passion; this was a place where he would get the chance to fuck the mouth of one of the highest paid Courtesans in all of Venice.

“Breathe,” He whispered as his hand palmed down upon the thin lines of the other man’s stomach, the warmth there of his skin a teasing and sort of truth of the rumors that he was a rider. Nicholas had the body of someone who knew how stay up straight and the discipline it took to sway the masses.

He would make a great King.

“Do you want this? Tell me so…” he whispered in a plea to the warm contours of his neck, kissing over the place where his pulse was warm against his lips; where life was lived beneath his skin and burned like fire from the heart.

His palm warm and strong came to cup the prince’s cock, first over his pants, the fabric helped create friction all the while making it feel confined and trapped. He had to lure the beast from his cavern did he not?
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Re: Blind, But I'm Still Alive

Time passed slowly, leaving Nicholas to almost imagine Gale would not come as promised. Soon enough a figure shillohetted by the light beyond the archway moved through the doorway and down the modest hall of the ruins toward him. Swallowing deeply, with his heart in his throat, Nicholas folded his arms across his chest a moment before unfolding them and standing, waiting with equal parts apprehension and anticipation.

Now with Gale before him, the slightest amount of light which broke through a crack in the ceiling allowing him to make out the other man, the Prince once more did as he was told. Glancing down at the hand on his chest, Nicholas leant against the cool stone wall, all his thoughts on Gale and his promise, the rest of the world having dropped away and become irrelevant.

Despite himself, Nicholas' gave an unwilling tremble as the musician pressed his lips to his skin. Though his reaction likely answered Gale's question more honestly than words could, he gave a small shake of his head, "No, not this." He replied quietly. A whore hired by his brother's had taken his innocence and a brief yet passionate encounter with a young Duke had given his first taste of passion - but neither were like this...

Nicholas gave a sheepish grin and did indeed take a breath, not realising he had been holding his breath in anticipation. He watched the movement of Gale's elegant and experienced hands as they smoothed down the lines of his torso, pressing against the materials to the skin beneath. Nicholas nodded his consent, a ridged nod but a nod all the same, "Yes..." He added in a soft murmur as he once again forced himself to breathe.

To Nicholas, it seemed without warning, that Gale's hand touched the most sensitive part of him and he twitched with surprise and the sudden realisation of just how real the situation was. Letting out a little gasp, he pushed his head back against the wall, his fingers against the stone as he shuddered.
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Re: Blind, But I'm Still Alive

“Good,” He whimpered his voice hardly above a whisper, “Because I want this-“ He tightened on the other man’s hardness feeling it, “I don’t want you to close your eyes.” Like a bird he wanted to be watched and wanted to spread his tail feathers to be seen. He was a professional with his hands and a professional more so with his lips, but it was his fingers that worked their way down into the fabric as though slipping beneath the sea.

The course sands were soft and warm, thick and wanting just as much as he as Prince’s cock reacted to his need of it. His fingers cupped the entirety of his sex, squeezing and rubbing just to get the other to react. With one hand he pleased the prince’s cock while the other moved under his shirt to let his nails dance upon the sensitive skin. From one nipple to the next he kissed and thumbed, pinched and nipped.

As his body went down so too did his nails along the spine and skin of the Prince, gentle enough not to break the skin but harsh enough to make him aware and forget about the task at hand, and as he came to his knees he freed the trapped flesh and brace upon the cold air.

It was fast and dirty, buzzed in his ears and burned on his lips, but as he licked his lips and flattened his tongue at the base of the head he breathed in as though sucking first the spirit and then the life-force forward. His tongue slid down the underside, along the vein that gave it blood, the pulse line that had first enchanted him in his neck now captivated him with his cock. He was hungry for this young man as he was to taste him, to tease at this point was both cruel and kind, as upon completion there would be stars in his eyes of both the pleasure and pain to come.

A hand pushed the other man’s cock against his stomach to expose the underneath, the heavy sack now a treat to his tongue as he kissed first and sucked at skin. Gale inhaled the warm musky scent of a man as though wanting to remember him exactly as this and nuzzled his nose and lips to the base back to the tip just so that the mushroom could feel his warm breath as he spoke.

“Are you finished being teased, My Prince?” His half open mouth like a prayer as he inhaled a small gasp of his own to tease him further, “Tell me what you want me to do now?” His eyes for the first time searching that of the Prince as he remained on his knees, “I’m here to serve you.”
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Re: Blind, But I'm Still Alive

Nicholas leant his back heavily against the wall, seeking its support as he found himself spiralling between alcohol-induced lightheadedness and the experienced touch of Gale. He had wanted to close his eyes, to lean back and give himself over to the sensations but continuing the pattern of obedience to the silver-haired musician, he opened his eyes once more. He was torn between the desire to do as requested and to watch the too knowledgeable man work his 'magic', and the desire to hide from the vulgarity and exposure.

He gave a soft whimper, his teeth pressing into his lip and stifling any louder sounds from escaping - no wanting to risk being heard by anyone beyond their little hideaway. It seemed, somehow, that Gale's quick fingers were everywhere at once. They touched and stroked him from chest to groin, and all in between, with Nicholas' breath coming in all but pants as he lost himself entirely to the courtesan's skill technique.

When he had almost thought he had enough, Gale dropped on to this knees - his fingernails grazing along Nicholas' back and causing the Prince to shudder bodily as they did so. Now with the hot warmth of Gale's mouth and tongue teasing him, the wall was all which held Nicholas on his feet and for a very small fraction of a moment he was thankful for the knee high boots he wore which allowed him to brace his legs, else he was certain he might have collapsed completely!

"Hmhm -" He attempted to reply wordlessly, his fingers clutching at the outcrops of the ruins he heavily leant again, desperately holding onto anything. He didn't have the words for what he wanted, but he knew one thing, "Don't stop, please." He almost begged, face flushed and lips parted, "Anything but that..."
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Re: Blind, But I'm Still Alive [M]

He wasn’t sure that he could stop even if he wanted to at this point, or if the Prince so desired it. His mouth watered with the anticipation of the taste. The bold cock before him as beautiful as Nicholas was everything he would have expected from a Prince of the Blood, and though beneath his harsh exterior there was a man of flesh and bone it was this most intimate part that thrilled him the most.

Gale loved everything there was to a man, he loved their scent, there strong arms and broad shoulders. He loved the strength of the muscles beneath his hands and how even though most men were of hard lines and jagged rocks, there too was a softness to find in tender places that didn’t often get touched. With his mouth he drew him in but it was still his hand that kept him in place. At the base of the prince’s cock he kept a firm grip as though forbidding him to complete without giving him the proper chance to swallow him down. Slowly at first he used his tongue to circle the head before going further and taking him in.

One hand stayed the prince while the other came to add friction where his lips were not strong enough. From the back of his throat he made a pleased sound as he enjoyed ever moment of this.

The Musician freed one of Nicholas’ from the wall and put it in his hair. He covered the Prince’s hand until he could twine his fingers through his silver stands and have the other man take hold.

Pull it his eyes said when words could not, the pleasure in the pain always his favorite part. If he was not careful he too would come, but this night was not for his own spirits. This night was for Nicholas. He would have his way with that guard by morning.

Harder, faster, deeper, his mouth grew furious in its approach, wanting to pull Nicholas from his slump and hear him cry out.
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Re: Blind, But I'm Still Alive [M]

There was little Nicholas could do but surrender to the shudder of pleasure which rocked his body as Gale's touch chased away any thought of the world beyond their little pairing. The vibrations of the musician's mouth did more to drive the Prince to the edge of control, with Nicholas pushing back against the wall, his head pressed to the stone as he simply gave himself over to the pleasure.

He found his fingers pushed to Gale's silken hair, to which he careful rested his hand upon the other's head, the twitches of his fingers uncontrolled and quickly tangling the digits in the silver tresses.

As his chest heaved, Nicholas could feel the sensations pique and rise, with the unignorable urge to thrust and to have more. His back arched as he pushed his cock further into the musician's mouth, and then with a harsh and thready moan, he came, climaxing with a physical shudder which spread throughout his body.
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Re: Blind, But I'm Still Alive [M]

He could not help but watch Nicholas as he came, his chest rising and falling in heavy breaths so that the muscles flexed and hardened as the pleasure overtook him. There was a sense of relief as well the flood of pleasure that struck his own body to the core. What a beautiful man to see so pleased and now relaxed. The way his breath came in heavy pulls and yet still he stood as strong as ever made Gale think of him as more than just some royal. There was youth here and fire to come, there was a man beneath that pretty green coat that was simply bursting to be set free.

Gale swallowed what the Prince gave, the warm bitter taste of it all burned on his tongue and slid down the back of his throat as though to thank him, and he cleaned both his lips and Nicholas before taking up the fine fabric of the green coat and offering it to Nicholas.

“Still think my mouth is too dirty?” He asked coyly as he slipped an arm around the Prince’s hips and kissed his cheek.

“Get dressed. I’ll meet you at the docks.” And with that he slipped back to the crowd.
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