Estrella Araya


Estrella "E" Araya

Estrella perhaps takes the world around her a bit too serious. She's young but she's jaded against the dealings of men and women. She's calculated most of the time but on rare occasions impulsive. She harbors grudges against people (including her own mother) and has a violent streak.
Friends: First and foremost. Her horse. You'll be hard pressed to find anyone she likes more than that horse. 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 . Her two legged friends tend to be the people some would consider unfortunate. Thieves, pirates, Murderers, whores.. the like. So anyone who wishes to make friends with her is more than welcome to try. Most assume she is a boy however and very few will know that she's actually a girl. Too dangerous otherwise.

Family: Estrella only has and only ever has had her mother Jesenia. Sure she has grandparents, but they'eve never acknowledged her existence. The fact that she was born at all shames their family to their very core. She doesn't know who her father is and if her mother has her way, she never will (though she maintains she knows exactly who sired her daughter - for Estrella is too much like him).

Enemies: I am sure she has them. Probably makes them left and right.

Lovers: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA... oh wait. You're serious. Well, as mentioned before Estrella is a very jaded young woman. She doesn't think very highly of the relationships of men and women and refuses to walk the path of her mother. That and most of the people she knows thinks she's a boy.
word count: 274

Patience Atterberry


Patience Atterberry

Patience always manages to exude a small amount of her namesake. She's clever, sarcastic, and has a horrible time with taking pretty much anything seriously. Patience lives with a cousin, who is determined to see her married well. Sophie Durand is a shrewd business woman but can be flighty in her moods. Something that drives the steadier Patience a bit crazy. Things Sophie Durand will NOT cave on - finding her ward a husband & managing her own money. (She's been known to proclaim that no man will ever know more about what is better for herself, than herself)
Friends: Patience will need some of these!

Enemies: I mean... she could have some I guess D:

Lovers: See grizzly bear cousin. However, the roght personmight catch her attention. Her cousim has made her an heiress and whoever marries her will inherit a sizable fortune.
word count: 146

Kestrel Llewellyn


Kestrel Llewellyn

While Kestrel's Father is Welsh and her mother is English. She's spent no extensive time in either place. Her father was the priest for Anglican traders and she spent her childhood all over the world. Because of this. Kestrel is fluent in several languages (including Latin) as she helped her father write his sermons and such. (As a personal rule he thinks such lessons are useless for a girl). Her father is a religious zealot and an all around unpleasant and abusive man. Kestrel very often falls victim to his harsh punishments (though it's not something she'd ever advertise - and he makes sure to leave no bruises where they'd be visible). Kestrel comes across as meek and quiet in most situations. She's been accused in the past of having no personality or anything of interest about her, but it isn't the case.

After her father was deemed too unwell to travel they were offered a place in the Anglican embassy - so they've only been in Venice several months.

When she smiles, which is rarely, the action tends to light up her entire face.

Friends: She probably doesn't have many people she would consider a friend just yet. They only just arrived in Venice several months ago. Any friends she has are probably simple fold she meets on her daily walks to market and they're probably only friends in passing. Kes tends to be more emotionally open with children.

Family: As mentioned before she has a father. In most instances, she comes across as a kind and dutiful daughter. Though, how they act among other people is very different from their private relationship. Her father is a jealous man and Kestrel reminds him too much of his former wife. He punishes her for perceived sins and refuses to listen to reason. His anger very well may result in her death someday.

Enemies: See family

Lovers: Kestrel as of yet is pure. She's never even had someone flirt with, let alone proposition her.
word count: 344

Henrietta Abernathy


Henrietta Abernathy

Friends: A recent import to Venice her friends are few and far between. However, anyone who wants to apply for the job with have to deal with not knowing which sister they're dealing with.

Family: Father: Joseph Abernathy - Businessman; Esther Abernathy: Wife of Joseph Abernathy; Benjamin Abernathy: Deceased; Joseph Abernathy: Thought deceased. Actually in England. -( If interested in playing him let us know. He's open open open)

Enemies: She'll make them.

Lovers: So I like the idea of Henrietta coming into contact with someone that just isn't going to deal with her shit. Someone who pushes her buttons. This person is going to ruin her and they can either have a happy ending or not. She will eventually end up married but it doesn't have to be with ruiner man.
word count: 137

Re: Autumn's Plots :D

I think Antonia can befriend Kestrel, Estrella or Patience. Estrella would be fascinating for being so different, and with Kestrel she would find some common points, including the interest in foreign languages and literature.

If you want to meet others of my characters too, welcome to hearing your ideas! My plotter is linked in the signature :)
word count: 56

Re: Autumn's Plots :D

@Antonia Saxida I would love to get some plots going with you. Kestrel could definitely use some friends :D Estrella could definitely make friends with Antonia. Hit me up on Discord next time you're on (Even if I am not) and I'll message you when I am :D.
word count: 48
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