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I. The Lady General

"A new day has dawn, Lucian, and here we start again."
Aurore Auvrey Vallier
Mother, Widow, Merchant
There was a rumor once that she had been as cold as the winter night, but despite the way she tries to keep it together those little rays of light shine through as she mothers her son. The last few years have not been kind to her and it shows now more than ever as she and Lucian start their new life in Venice, and after the death of her estranged husband Aurore isn't as willing to settle into a new relationship. However, it is through the urging of her patrons that she find a new husband in the Italian Courts, but if she had it her way? She would simply build a new empire here in Venice.

  • Friends, She isn't the easiest to warm up to, but she certainly tries. Since her retirement to Venice and her forceful exit from the West Indies, Aurore has tried to stay in close contact with the few friends that she had, but overall she is looking for new contacts.
  • Lovers, Though many feel it is her duty as a widow to replace the man she was married to so quickly, Aurore is enjoying her freedom and the financial means to do as she pleases. Lucian is heir to a Prussian title, but for now she is happy to just let him live life without the burdens of his duty. If you have a character who may be willing to take a shot at the slipping through the ice and stone, she is more than willing to let him try.
  • Enemies, There are many, but for now they are unaware of her being in Venice and the debts that her company owes can go unnoticed. A few merchants are short of a few ships and of a few pockets full of gold. If you feel you may have a character that could come to collect on that debt, by all means! I promise to make the fight as bloody as possible.

Plot Ideas:
  • Her late husband, Jocelyn may come back from the grave she thought she put him in, so if anyone is willing to play him I'm always down.
  • I'd love to see her business come back to life in the merchant circle, so if you have an opening for her I will happily take a look.
II. The American

"Men are weakest when they stand trial before a Court, no matter how strong
they think they are. I can see the fear in their eyes and the hatred in their hearts."

Benjamin Ashley Monroe
Spy, Soldier, Attorney
A man of many masks, Ashley thrives at the mercy of politics and dreams of the day he is challenged by a worthy component in the game of court and crown. Not much of a dreamer he is a very practical man who hasn’t entertained the idea of being in love. He is a well known attorney with a few notches on his belt for wars won. A scholar by nature he dabbles in dreams but would rather sit in on a lecture of the latest lessons in science, and when it comes to his social life? People naturally gravitate his way.

  • Friends, Ashley could be considered a social butterfly as he has made it his habit to get to know as many people as possible. With a history of espionage and shadow wars he makes it his business to know where the key players are, and though he isn't here in Venice to start a Revolution he is here to act as ears and eyes for his friends in France. He runs with high society, but also makes it a habit to drink with a few of the lesser folk to listen to the gossip there.
  • Lovers, This has been a topic on a lot of minds for many years. He has had his fair share of mistresses in the past, but he has only ever been in love once. During his time under Washington he took up a false marriage to align himself with a noble English family in support of the American Revolution and held to it for years. However, upon their separation he found himself spiral out of control and very well may have a few bastards out there. He is open for new connections, but when it comes to finding love again--it won't be easy.
  • Enemies, Too many to count, but they are out there! If you have a character who is American and may have been part of the Turncoats he has certainly made it his business to keep in contact with that, and though he has put aside his hatred of the English of course those old barbs are still there.
Plot Ideas:
  • Ashley is said to have a Native American woman in his company, some think she is a slave purchased from the West Indies, and others an old mistress from his time at war. I would love to have someone play her and will have a wanted-ad up soon!
  • Currently he is looking for new contacts and people with political pull to start his web of spy networks once again.

III. The Alchemist

"The laws of mathematics and science are meant to be broken,
how do you think the sun pulled away from the moon?"

Jean-Luc de Mercier
Scientist, Scholar, Madman
It is said that he is connected greatly with the ghost upon one of Venice's most haunted islands, and that he makes nightly trips to the graveyard to leave sacrifices to the dead or to visit the tomb of a former lover, but to those that know Jean-Luc well enough know that this man perhaps may just be collecting the bones left behind by grave robbers. He has a deep love and devotion to the scientific methods of his forefathers as well to those that have yet to come, and is careful to not have it confused with witchcraft. A French noble and former socialite he has invested in many projects through out the Republic but now spends most of his money on the theatre.

  • Friends, Jean-Luc is always open to new friends though his favorite sort are the ones who are not afraid to challenge him in a game of wits or drunkenly argue over alchemy in the middle of the night. He is well known throughout the gentle society and hosts many dinner parties.
  • Lovers, a harder topic (no pun intended) as he mostly hires whores and entertains courtesans who are not so unwilling to deal with his obvious...defaults. The era before Viagra it is hard (haha) for him to relax enough to enjoy the pleasure of a companion, and with the pains of his poor legs and lower spine the act is damn near impossible. However, if you have someone willing to try? He may attempt it, though don't be sore if he calls her Elizabeth in the heat of passion.
  • Enemies = The Church, always has been always will be.
Plot Ideas:
  • Jean-Luc has a daughter here with him as well considers himself the adoptive father of his apprentice, Gale. In time he would like to see both of them married off, but at the moment is content with simply using their youth to his advantage.
  • Do not be surprised to find out that he dabbles in the dark arts and if you have a character who deals with the devil, this man would happily put his hand upon the stone.
IV. The Swan Princess
"If only the world could always be a dance, I would never let it down."
Odette Elise de Mercier
Daughter, Dancer, Devoted
She is the very sun in the sky to her father as well any that come to know her. A beautiful youth full of life and love, she has always been the center of the family upon the eve of her birth. Odette is the bit of light in the dark of her father’s world, dancing over the stones of his lab without a care to the parts of a man strung up over the woodwork and organs trapped in jars of glass. Never mind the way that she smells of rose oil to cover the stale copper scent of blood. Take care to those that stand between she and her father, for somewhere in his madness a brother waits to reclaim what was stolen.

  • Friends, A very willing and eager friend she has always been one to start a conversation with easy. She enjoys games and attending social events with the Courts and social circles of Venice. She is loyal and giving, charitable and kind. Fear not for taking advantage of her love as there is much of it go give.
  • Lovers, A careful subject...for a rainy day. Of course it is in Odette’s desire to marry, but there are so few that would be worthy of her hand despite how eager she would be fall in love with any station. For those of higher society love is not something that they strive for but comfort and stability. English need not apply, or so says her father.
  • Enemies, This Disney Princess hardly has any, but those that speak ill of her family certainly will become one.
Plot Ideas:
  • Right now there isn’t anything that I have in mind for Odette but I certainly look forward to weaving her into your stories! If you have any idea leave it below!
V. The Nightingale

"I was made to be broken, but do not bite so hard?"
Galene "Gale" Rousseau
Musician, Magician, Muse
This young man lets his youth shine in both his love of the world and the pleasure he takes in his lovers. A former whore in the West Indies, Gale took to each of his clients with such passion that they swore his desire could not be sated, and that still remains. Though now his contract was purchased by a former colleague of his father it is for his company alone and not the pleasure of his body. Gale has become one of the Lord de Mercier's closest companions and caretaker. In return he is awarded with the freedom to chose who he is to bed and the chance to play in the orchestra of the theatre.

  • Friends, This is an easy topic as he makes friends nearly everywhere he goes. Gale loves people and he loves to please them. He adores to chat with the women of their latest fashions and with the men of their stories of war. He is eager to please and a happy conversation partner who may trust too easily.
  • Lovers, There are many and your character could be among them. Though he does prefer the company of men in the bedroom, he is happy to share the bedding with a woman too and even more so eager to please both at the same time. He isn't one to fall in love with just one person and shares his heart with many of his past.
  • Enemies, If you have a character that is an enemy of art and sex, Gale would be horrified and try to correct that!
Plot Ideas:
  • Besides the obvious conflict with a church or with those bent on God's will, Gale is looking for trouble to get in!
VI. The Glass Witch

"People are afraid of what they don’t understand, and I don’t give them the chance."
Letizia De Masi
Wicked, Wild, Witch
Trouble. This woman is avoided by most and even her twin has a hard time looking her in the eye for fear of her wrath when he scolds her. Women come to her to expell unwanted children and request potions of love and life, and from the fine work of her family’s Murano glassworks she offers little vials of what some would call magic.
  • Friends, Letizia tends to stay within her own sex and social class. She doesn’t make friends with women beneath her well as she isn’t one to offer charity, but to those of the higher class she is well called upon in times of trouble.
  • Lovers, Very few have crossed over into the sheets of this witch, but she is an eager lover of both sexes; just don’t expect her to fall in love,
  • Enemies, That bastard church of course! Also scorned lovers who fall victim to one of her potions...if you believe in that sort of thing.
Plot Ideas:
  • Another enemy for the Church! Though I also have her as part of the Arcadian Order as well a possible sister in another witchy circle, but I’m open for ideas!

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