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Regina Liona Salieri

18 / Heterosexual / Female/ Single

Bio here


Vicente Salieri (father) - a low-ranking Venetian noble who constantly struggles to keep the family's fortunes afloat.

Alice Saliri, nee Dudley (mother) - The youngest daughter of an a down-on-his-luck English nobleman. She is quite the shrew to her husband, looking down on his lack of ability to consistently provide for the family.

At Present: She has lost her employment with the D'Apcher family, and her engagement fell through. So she is seeking new employment.

Open to friendships, courtships, intrigues, etc. Just about anything, really. Poke me for plots/details!

Devony Anne Brydon

18 / Heterosexual / Female / Newly arrived in Venice / Seeking a husband

Bio here


Samuel Brydon (father) - an English noble -widowed and remarried- with a penchant for living in excess. Remains in England.

Josephine Brydon, nee Weston (stepmother) - Formerly Devony's governess, she is not only her stepmother but her dearest friend and confidant.

At Present: Due to social difficulty back in England (largely due to her father's habits, and disdain for Josephine's 'lack of fine breeding'), Josephine and Devony have come to Venice to be introduced into society. Mainly for the sake of finding Devony a husband. They are being hosted by friends/former employers of Josephine.

Open to friendships, courtships, intrigues, etc. Just about anything, really. Poke me for plots/details!

Sebastien Labelle

22 / Homosexual / Male / Stranded in Venice / Seeking employment

Bio here


Veronique Labelle (deceased) - a former governess, disgraced by her employer's advances. With no other options, she turned to prostitution.

Jean-Marc Firmin - a French nobleman who seduced his governess (behind his wife's back, of course) and blamed it all on her when she turned up pregnant and refused to have an abortion. Whether he is still alive, Sebastien does not know or care.

At Present: Sebastien was recruited by French Revolutionaries to help track down nobles that had fled to Venice. However, the man who was supposed to be his contact never showed up. Sebastien suspects he got himself killed before contact could be made. So, in essence, Sebastien is stuck in Venice with no resources, and no way home. It is likely he will look to the brothels for work.

Open to friendships, courtships, enemies, trouble, intrigues, etc. Just about anything, really. Poke me for plots/details!
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Re: Erin's Plotter


My character Michel Lefévre would like to meet Regina after she's been employed by Adrienne - since he is using Adrienne as an informant (he's a French revolutionary) I can imagine he'd be interested in trying to use Regina for something too. So if you'd like to get her involved in a bit of a French Revolution plot, let me know.

My newest character Angelica da Verona would love to meet her too and perhaps they'd be friends. She lives in Venice with her brother Alessandro, and they are both children to a very wealthy merchant family from Verona - who have become so wealthy, they are kind of considered nobility. Perhaps they know each other from before, since Regina's father is also a merchant? Both Angelica and Alessandro would love to meet Regina :)

Let me know if you're interested and we can discuss further plots ;)

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Re: Erin's Plotter

Both could be very fun! With Adrienne grooming Regina, I'm sure interaction with Michel would be very interesting, and possibly amusing. :p And with the siblings, it's quite possible that they know (or at least know of) Regina and her family. I'm excited by all the things! Hopefully we can figure out how to throw them all together, soon!
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