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Scharlotte von Brandenburg
The eldest of a trio of sisters, Scharlotte is used to having to maintain order even in the face of every adversity, having been born the daughter of a Prussian noble and Venetian courtesan. Quick whit, a natural amount of grace, and the learned behaviors of how to assimilate into any situation makes Scharlotte an interesting and formidable woman for any to contend with.

Friends: Hard to come by but prized when they are found, as Scharlotte's intellect and views on the way of the world clash with traditional patriarchal structures that support the Venetian Republic. She adores both of her sisters and friends of theirs are counted among friends of Scharlotte, so long as they remain friends and comrades.

Enemies: While not one to particularly find others troubling, those that do cross her should find themselves very wary. Rumors speak of mysterious disappearances of those who have dared openly insult Scharlotte or questioned her judgement. Sharp words are augmented by sharp objects.

Lovers: A widow of a marriage of convenience, even if there was affection later on, Scharlotte is not currently looking for someone else to fill that role that is absent in her life, though she has not intentions of staying a widow forever. A lover of aesthetics, she finds female form more attractive than the male but also knows the times that she lives in and has the desire to have a family of her own.
word count: 248
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