Orange's Tree


Nicholas Pavlovich Romanov

His Imperial Highness, Nicholas Pavlovich Romanov, Grand Duke of Russia needs all things.
Nicci, is the 23 year-old, third son of the Tsar of Russia and after causing public embarrassment by refusing to marry a German Princess, has been sent to Venice to have a little time out. The Russian people and Nicholas himself see this as a punishment, however his somewhat eccentric father hopes his son will have a bit of fun and return to Russia a better man (and get married!).

Friends & Lovers
Although Nicci undoubtedly comes with a retinue of servants and escorts, he is short of on actual friends and companions. Most people in Russia were his friends because of convenience or social placing, not because he wanted to be friendly with them. It would be nice for him to have some real companions. As an Imperial Prince, he's rather limited in the official things he can do, however it would be fun for him to make friends with someone who can lead him astray a little.

Much the same can be said for lovers. Raised in isolation in the Russian court, Nicholas is incredibly naive to the ways of the world and of romance. He was taken to a courtesan by his older brother when he was sixteen years old, so he understands the technicalities of things however it would be fun to have him perused by someone, and completely out of this depth - especially if that someone was male.

Plot Ideas
  • Nicholas' new residence will need staff, anyone looking for a domestic job is welcome
  • Nobility who wish to make his acquaintance, let's have a tea party/introduction ball/something with alcohol!
  • A charming rouge who can lead him astray?
  • Nicholas is rich and he's disenchanted, which makes him useful for people who want to gain favour/money/information/connections.
Overall, I'm pretty much up for everything and anything. I love some drama, adventure and things going wrong for everyone involved, so hit me up :D
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Re: Orange's Tree

-- For your consideration, in terms of nobles to rub elbows with him, I proffer... Lucilla Caravello (Venetian, married to painter Ruggiero Caravello), Isabel Winters (English and soon to be married to Alexander Archer, who is a newly-made Earl), and Seraphine Leblanc (French).

-- If you want charming rogue, you can't get much more so than Casimiro Adimiri. He's also a thief so that would kinda kill two birds with one stone, though he wouldn't rob Nicholas if they came to be friends.
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Re: Orange's Tree

Hello Orange, and welcome! I have a few chars to offer for Nicholas to play with :)

The siblings, Alessandro and Angelica would love to meet him. They're very wealthy Venetians out of a rich merchant family from Verona. Both enjoy parties, are mostly outgoing and love fun with all genders. Alessandro is however the sweeter and more fragile of the two, while his sister Angelica is braver. Angelica by the way has an open thread here if you want something to throw your character into...

If Nicholas is a bit superstitious, he might be interested in meeting Charles who's a seer among other things. He likes to of service and help to anyone and has previously worked for the French court, before that went all crazy. He's looking for more to do in Venice :)

I can also offer you Michel who's a French revolutionary, hating all nobles and fighting for his cause with quite the passion. I'm sure he could find Nicholas useful for information and perhaps money and he'd just love to have another noble to try and boss around ;)

I also have abovementioned Lucilla's husband Ruggiero, who's a painter, Renata Frascati, who's a Ruffiana with her own brothel and Leonardo Armenius, Renata's younger brother who's out for revenge...

let me know if you want to play with any of my chars :)
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