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Leone Clavelli

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Lombard born, former Hapsburg Officer, now a sell-sword, fighting and conducting intrigue for the highest bidder. When not plying his trade, he finds himself fencing, drinking and debating philosophy, or in the company of one of Venice's many courtesans. In spite of being a mercenary he practices discretion when selecting employers, as he has a semblance of an honor code. Although he is of noble stock, due to recent events in Milan, those who bare the Clavelli name have had a shadow cast on them.

Living Family
Diletta Vialli (nee Clavelli)


Leone is a sociable person when he chooses to be and possesses a sharp wit when doing so, but is leery of making deep connections with strangers. Perhaps due to the nature of his vocation or life experiences, Leone is reluctant on being too intimate with strangers and acquaintances. Even so, once he deems you a friend, Leone does so earnestly and will gladly fight for those he holds love for. He tends to be more keen on associating with someone who is martially or intellectually inclined or women. He has many connections within the underbelly of Venice and with some employers who owe him favors. One of his only true friends in Venice is Eberardo Pirozzi. Leone has been a patron of Pirozzi's House of Blades since he ventured to Venice.


While Leone is no champion of some great justice, he does hold those who willfully commit injustice with contempt. Leone has no ill will for wretches and understands the plight of thieves and harlots. Although if his coin purse were to be touched, the offender would be quickly sought out and dispatched. He is not partial to associating with the clergy or those who are aligned with the Milanian-Hapsburg Regime. Other enemies may just be circumstantial as his work is of the blade. His most current and notable nemesis as of yet is Giacomo Vialli, the heir to the Vialli family estates which encompass the old Clavelli lands.


Leone has a list of former lovers from his time in the Army to disfavored merchant's daughters in Venice. Much like friendly relationships, he is hesitant to form deep attachments. Thus he keeps the company of courtesans and wenches when he feels at his lowest. Perhaps there will be a woman who enchants his heart and mind in Venice.
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