And Some Others [Alecto Tracker #2]

Hi! 'tis Alecto. I play seven characters, three of which are involved in some French Revolution intrigue. If you'd like to check them out, feel free to visit that plotter, which is here.

This plotter is for my other characters. Currently, they consist of:
Elizabeth Harper

A composer, cellist, and widow, Elizabeth has made it her mission to see as much of the world as possible. For the moment, she has settled in Venice. Elizabeth is my "light" character because all the other ones are caught up in some dark or sketchy thing. I'm still not much up for "coffee shop" type threads, but if you're looking for a lighthearted, mostly optimistic person, she's your girl. Also if you need a musician. Particularly if you need a quirky and eccentric one.

Friends: She's social enough, and would get along with anyone who isn't particularly judgmental.

Enemies: That would be interesting! Possibly a rival. Or someone who may not agree with a woman traveling alone as a composer and musician.

Lovers: She's still mourning her husband somewhat, but it's been long enough that she's started to heal. So the door isn't completely closed on that.

Raniero Vieri de' Medici

Descended from the main branch of the Florence de' Medicis, Raniero's illegitimate status forms the cornerstone of everything that follows him in life. Is he a lord? Is he a merchant? At the moment, he is a merchant, managing a successful business on behalf of his guardian. But he would like to be so, so much more than that. At any cost.

Friends: Raniero's the loner type. But if he found someone he could relate to, he'd definitely benefit from a friendship; and so would the other person, since when he does grow attached to someone he's pretty much devoted to them.

Enemies: "Take a number." But an actual conflict would be interesting. Maybe someone who doesn't particularly agree with his take on where he stands in society, class-wise?

Lovers: Hmm. Now that would be an interesting trick. If someone could get close enough to him to create that much of a bond, it would be pretty deep. Of course, he isn't averse to one-night stands, either.

Robert Castle

The son of the British ambassador to Venice, and eventually expected to take up his father's post, Robert prefers to travel, learn, and teach. He's doing two out of three by getting involved with a new school for impoverished youth, which is run by Annabel Blackwood. He's capricious, stubborn, flighty, goofy, and arrogant by turns; but he isn't usually standoffish and will react pleasantly to being approached if you aren't interrupting him in something. And he does tend to prefer being around people of his general station.

Friends: This wouldn't be too difficult, but the fact that his personality type clashes with most others would be an amusing concept to explore.

Enemies: It would be fairly easy for him to make some enemies, but a prolonged rivalry, especially one with someone he would otherwise respect, would be fun to explore.

Lovers: He isn't necessarily tied down to any plots in this realm, and he does retain feelings for a past flame and his relationship with Annabel could fall into any one or more of these three categories, so he's not particularly hurting for romance. We can see how things play out, though!
Elvira Malatesta

Life is hard. Elvira grew up as both one of the favored daughters of a favored courtesan and then an orphan starved for education. But she worked hard, and her first learned trick of alchemy was turning lemons into lemonade! An expert toxicologist and a budding alchemist, she has a mind for strategy and a strong will, but is also a bit too literal at times and has survived extreme trauma. She has two sisters, Claire and Scharlotte, that she adores. She also loves animals. Also, she's killed two husbands and she's set her venomous sights on the patriarchal rulers of Venice.

Friends: Elvira is fairly open-minded, as long as a person doesn't judge her quirks. She is not opposed to building relationships with men, but given her past history with men, they're at a disadvantage.

Enemies: These would probably be easy for Elvira to make! However, she probably would not engage with someone she considers beneath her level, so an intellectual or at least a savvy tactician would be the best match here.

Lovers: As mentioned, she's been married twice and neither time went well, and she isn't exactly thinking "third time's the charm." But anything can happen, especially for a man (or woman?) who is up for a challenge!

Feel free to reply if you're interested in any of these! I apologize for these being so short, but I'm happy to toss around plot ideas here or on Discord!
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