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Hi - this is my (horribly non-coded) Plotter. If you look at my tracker, you will see I am a notorious stickler for time-lines ;) ... Feel free to tease me about it, but please be aware that for my own sanity, I ~will~ ask at what time in a month we are threading, so that I can mould my characters' reactions and pre-texts, and motivations to what has already happened in their past. :) It doesn't need to be exact. I'm happy with "Before this event." Or... "this has to happen after that event" and then I'll fit it in accordingly. I don't need exact dates. I'm also fine with you saying "I don't care when you want it" and I'll then fit it in, where I think it fits best.
I just want a logical, chronological order for my characters (otherwise I'll accidentally end up with a char that dies in February but still goes to a ball in April and that'd just be plain weird ;) )

If you can live with that, and my somewhat erratic schedule (lots of business travel) in posting, I'm super happy to spin up something somewhere with anyone anywhere. Ah yes... I also live in Australia. So my yesterday is your tomorrow kinda thing on the time zones ;) Bear in mind, that when most of you are up and active, I am sleeping, soooo, the plotter, or being patient until I get to my Discord DMs is probably the best way to reach me. That being said, I do use Discord at work, albeit I very rarely can post from work :) More info on how I tick.
Happy RPing to all! <3

Seamstress with a shop in the heart of San Polo. She is a widow, with no intentions to re-marry - much to her mother-in-law and grandmother's misgivings. The two women seem to have only one common denominator: find another husband for the daughter! In their mind, a woman could possibly not live a decent, good life without a man to take care of business.
At the moment, Ria had it well. The family had no male any longer and so she was in full possession and control of her shop and property. Should she marry again, it would fall into the man's possession and she would lose it all to the whims of a husband. She would fight tooth and nail against having to face that fate again.
There is loads of bickering and shouting at Ria's home which causes her to spend an exorbitant amount of time in the San Polo markets, her shop and with customers...
  • Ria's backstory is being spun in the sidelines, her mamas (Rigina and Agneta) always in the background to give excuses for odd plots and jumpstarters. She's having a little of her own story line going by her store being under attack by an as of yet unknown villain.

    She is available for:
    Drama, sleuthing, friendships. Romance (though she'll be a reluctant taker on that one, and I don't tend to plan out relationships. If the chemistry flows between characters, just the better!)
  • Ria is mainly a support char. A filler or side kick in your story. Need non too serious settings for gossip on a girls day out shopping?
  • need filler for time in preparation of any fetes?
  • want to have a char your char can cry/rant/despair on?
  • need a victim in your evil plots? Someone easy to ruin? (see line above :P )
  • desire non committed companion for a show? Opera? Concert?
  • insert your idea here ;)

A glassblower with a heart of gold. Lives and works out of the heart of Murano, twin brother to Letizia de Masi.
He does have a bit of a one-track-mind in regards to his work and art and only rarely ventures beyond.
Though he does enjoy good food, good wine and on occasion he will catch a boat to the mainland and spend time in the markets of San Polo.
  • Definitely open for friendship, drama, scandals, feels.
  • Again, happy to fill a support role with him.

Vendramina is a midwife. Thus, she is definitely available for the usual.
  • Pregnancy Care
  • Contraception
  • Childbirth
However, she is also buy-able, and has an unscrupulous side to her. In general, she is very much progressive and will defend a women's choice before anything. However, she is known to go against a woman's wishes, if she deems a woman's own choice is made out of force, or if she is a danger to the greater good (and she probably has her own view on that).
She is also loyal to the Republic of Venice. VERY loyal to La Serenissima
Yes, she knows how to do away with unwanted pregnancies. Yes, she knows to make sure that the child is stillborn. Yes, she knows how to make sure neither mother nor child survives. Will she do it?

Salvadore "The Bull" Capodevin is a loyal man, who is rarely separated from his duties at the Reggimento Signori dei Notte. His gruff exterior belies the quiet intelligence of this large hulk of a man. Often, he is underestimated as "just the muscle" and to be fair, this suits him just fine. He's quiet by nature, observant and jumps into action when and where needed, preferably at his best friends' sides.

Let me know if you want a thread with him.


Wealth, nobility, luxury - none of these are foreign to 'Menico. Find him at functions, balls, dances - find him for wealth distribution, money management... or find him if you just wish to take part in a hunt or revelry out in the country-side.
No foreigner to either military nor wealth he can live and get along well in both worlds of the gentry or high born and has a foot in each.
word count: 1014

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