Site Rules

Our Rules for Play

18 Means 18, Period.
If you are not 18 or older, this site is not for you and will not accept you. This is for our protection and frankly I just don't want to have limit what we write. Come back when you are 18! We'll have a birthday party for ya!

Love, not Discord
Respect the staff and your fellow role-players. If you have a disagreement over something, take it to a staff member in a PM and it will be taken care of. Our Moderators are there – to moderate! They want to help any and all players alleviate any sort of tension that might come up. Talking out things together is always better!

Don't Power-Play, Meta-Play, or God-Mode
Powerplaying - controlling someone else's character.
Metaplaying - using OOC knowledge IC.
Godmoding - making your character omnipotent or indestructible. Unless the person you're posting with gives you express permission to control your character for the time being, we do not allow any of the above. So ask first, or don't do them.

Forward! With the Plot
This is an all-level, quality-over-quantity role-playing. As such, you may post as much or as little as you like. However, be certain that your post moves the plot forward and gives your role-playing partner(s) something to reply to. Each post should react to what occurred in the post before yours and add something new to the story.

We use the fluid-timeline system, meaning your character can be in more than one thread at a time, and though we do not keep a formal calendar I ask that you please date each thread at the beginning with a general timeline. Talk to your fellow partners, lets make sure that we are all on the same track. We do date threads, however, here is how, link

Mature Content
You had to be 18 to enter this board, if you are triggered by anything on it, that is your own doing. Violent and sexual threads will be marked with an 'M', and the writer may or may not put a trigger warning. If you have a huge trigger to something please let staff know, but please keep in mind you enter at your own risk.

All topics that have adult content should include a 'M' rating and while it's mostly allowed, make sure that you follow US laws. And yes...I'm aware that children married young and lived as adults, but no adult themes of sex with characters under age.

After 30 days of no activity on an account your character will be archived and all claims given to that character will be up for grabs. Of course you can come back, but face-claim or title may belong to someone else. If an activity-check rolls out please reply, this trumps the 30 days.
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Cbox Rules

1. Please consider the CBOX to be PG-13, Do not link NSFW images.
2. Heavy plotting is discouraged but not forbidden.
3. Bad language is ok, but please do not speak about racist, political, or adult topics.
4. It helps to register for a name, you can do that by clicking the little > in the text line.
5. Try to keep from giving out public information such as your real name, skype name, or phone number.
6. You can turn the beep off, or the beep on only when someone tags you.
7. Use the @NAME to tag someone.
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Discord Chat Rules.

1. Join the Discord chat with the icon on the front page.
2. Please keep plotting in the plotting channel
3. If an image is not safe for work, please use the NSFW channel.
4. Anything posted in the NSFW channel is exactly that...don't get upset if you see a dick. Though you can turn off the images being shown in your individual setting. This way all you will see is the preview of the link. Please don't get carried away with it, but also keep in mind we're adults who like to act like children sometime too. You will probably see a dick.
5. Pay attention the different colors of each team. Each chat should be coded for the different factions. If you belong to many you will have them coded to you.
6. Politics and/or anything that would possibly trigger a debate on such is not permitted. There are numerous places on the Internet to discuss those things. Our Discord chat isn't one of them.
7. Guests, if you join in to get to know our community please note that you are welcome! But if you don't say something or go invisible right away I'll think you are not interested and remove you. Please know that you are welcome back any time, but just say hi!
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Re: Site Rules

The Use of Images

1. Choosing a Face-Claim

When choosing a face-claim please try your best to make their image as close to the period as possible. No we don't have to be exact, but please make sure that the image you use doesn't have any modern tech.

Also please try your hardest to keep the images as open as possible, meaning please use celebrities and/or models for your images. If the image states to not use, please do not. I'm not too strict on this, but I would like to keep to the guidelines as close to possible.

The one thing that I am absolutely a bit of a strict jerk about is that I do not want cultures white washed. This isn't hollywood! Please make sure to keep to the proper skin tone and culture when it comes to different heritages. The beauty of Venice is that there were so many beautiful cultures around us, lets represent them the best we can!

2. Avatar's and Signature Sizes

Avatars are 250x400
Signatures shouldn't be any more than 500x300, but they will be resized if too big.
The image for the bio should not be more than 500 wide.
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