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If you have an open thread please post the link here with the following code:

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[url=Thread link]Thread Title[/url]
[b]Starting Character:[/b]
[b]Thread Location:[/b]
[b]Thread Date:[/b]this can be a specific date or something like "mid-April"
[b]Who can join:[/b]

Once the threads are responded to they will be deleted from this list. Happy posting!!

*note: if a thread is finished, or the status has changed (ie is not open any longer whether cause one person posted or cause the thread has advanced far enough that it might feel more like a one-on-one thread to folks) please let a staff member know so we can remove it from the list. Thank you!
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Re: Open Threads

The Best Is Yet To Come
Starting Character: Adrijan Kitanovski
Thread Location: L'Anatra Ubriaco
Thread Date: last week of June, 1792
Who can join: Anyone! This is the reception after the wedding of Adelade and Adrijan, which was a closed thread. The reception is open to anyone who might stop by, especially if they happen to be acquainted with the families!
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Re: Open Threads

Besides the "Sorrow can swim", still open and posted on the previous page, there are two more open threads in the "Drunken Duck". They had been open from the start, but given that the initial partners didn't make the just ended activity check, new characters are extremely needed in order to continue the threads and give them new twists:

A whale of a tale
Starting Character: Beppin Pasqualigo
Thread Location: "The Drunken Duck" inn, in San Polo
Thread Date: 17-th of April 1720
Who can join: anyone, but 1-2 people who had been at sea (as seafarers, on other expeditions or merely crossing seas) would be necessary among others

Under all the chaos
Starting Character: Elisabeth Munroe (not active anymore)
Thread Location: "The Drunken Duck" inn, in San Polo
Thread Date: 10-th of August 1720
Who can join: anyone
word count: 143
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