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Was that-?

Fintan looked at Aurore like she was a puzzle he was on the verge of figuring out, the verse of a song that was on the tip of his tongue he couldn't quite remember. She had come here all fire and fury and bared teeth, just as he remembered her. Yet she teased him like they were children on a dock in Port de Paix. His brows knit together and a single exhale like a laugh shook his shoulders, a one-sided grin sliding across his face.

"If it gets any bigger I'll have to buy a new hat. Maybe get one with a bigger feather," he mused, turning his tricorne around in one hand and stroked his fingers down the spine of the stiff, white tail feather. "I do like this one, though. My brother gave it to me, says it's from the family accipitridae. Apparently that means eagle." He smiled at it before turning back to Aurore. She would recognize that name. The name of the ship he had salvaged and repaired to become the most feared pirate-hunter in Hispaniola which by some twist of fate ended up in the hands of the worst of them.

Accipiter had met a fate unknown, but the helm of Ascalon was home now. Named for the lance with which Saint George slayed the dragon, that ship meant more to him than a rudder and sails and a pair of masts. It was rebirth. He had been spitting fire for as long as he could remember, but captaining a ship again finally represented ascension into his namesake. A title and a hat were pennies to what he had fought to earn. He had killed the dragon. The clawing beast that had torn him to shreds from the inside out and back again.

And Aurore?

Here she stood like she did across the ocean. A marble statue, unmoving against the tides of heaven and earth that threatened to drown them all. The most Fintan could do was take ship and adjust his sails, but Aurore was a mooring. A safe port that would not allow the sea to overtake her. He admired her for that. Most of all, he respected it.

"Leave? Where would a five year old go without his parents?" A dark look settled in his eyes as he remembered that he had began his apprenticeship to his father at the age of seven. It suddenly struck him just young he had been and quickly he had been forced to grow up. He couldn't imagine handing a hammer to the boy in two years and relying on him to help feed a family. "If there's any way I could help..." he trailed off, not knowing how to finish that sentence.

"I-I would like to meet him. If I could be so bold," his voice barely a whisper.
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Fintan George McKenna cast his spells not as any dark magic would, but with warm smiles and bright eyes. The grey that now peppered his dark hair more was simply more moonbeams to blind her in the night, and Aurore wanted very much to simply turn back time as it played so unkind to them, but without it where would Lucien be?

“Your family does have a deep love of the finer feathers,” The sort that she loved dearly. Yes a peacock was beautiful, the white down of another kind filled her bed, and some of the women wore brightly colored ones in hats that would feed nearly her entire family. But for the McKenna clan it was the powerful wings of the birds of prey or the flight of fighters that they chose first. A feather wasn’t simply decoration, it was proof that the winds could both make them feel at home and push them further from it.

And yet where she may have been the stone at sea, her eyes lowered to attempt to mask the tears that swelled inside them. She was not one to cry, had he ever known this of her? But as her dark lashes touched the top of her cheeks she could no longer pretend she was immortal.

“It isn’t easy to explain, and a part of me does not want to.” She answered his question about where it was Lucien would go, but there was more she still had to say.

“Are things ever with me?” It was her turn to laugh as she looked at him once again, “I’m in too deep, Fintan and I don’t know how to get out. If I tell the truth…they would kill me to keep the secrets, but I have no power to keep Lucien from them.”

Even now she took a glance over her shoulder and a deep breath, “That man is very loyal to me. You can trust him, but no one else. At least…not yet,” There was a conversation she needed to have with Rowan.

“I am not sure if meeting him would be the best. You will fill his head with adventure, and I need him here with me.” She smiled again and cleaned away a tear with her skirt, and though she was not serious about the last part she knew well that Lucien loved the sea. Perhaps in another lifetime…
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It still felt so strange to be here. He listened to her talk, watched her small mannerisms as she did so and it startled him that he recognized them so well. So much time had been spent trying to forget, but across years and oceans it felt the same. Something about her always made him feel so small.

"Many things in my family go very deep. Feathers are likely the most harmless," Fintan said offhandedly. They were a danger to him though he loathed to admit it. Coilean's past had time and again dragged him down into situations he had thankfully been able to talk himself out of. Finley had actively condemned them both, nearly tightening the noose around their baby brother's throat himself. The eldest had a secure position and a title now. Status one could hide behind, but not enough to completely expunge all they sins they had committed. Sins that would catch up with all of them eventually, and all they held dear.

It was a risk just being here.

He looked up to see the watery sheen in her eyes and felt his heart seize up in his chest. He couldn't recall seeing her cry before. It was as though the air in his lungs suddenly ceased to exist.

“I’m in too deep, Fintan and I don’t know how to get out. If I tell the truth…they would kill me to keep the secrets, but I have no power to keep Lucien from them.”

"So long as I breathe they will not have you. They will not have him." He spoke each word with the same sort of deadly intent that rested on the edge of a blade. He was swearing an oath; one he intended to keep.

"If you think it is best." He had to admit he was disappointed. He hadn't dared hope to see the boy, even though his name was all he could think about during his years in Saint-Malo. He had not been so bold as to harbour delusions of being a father to the child, but to be be so close. "Yes, it is the wisest choice. Keep him close."
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He would forever be the other half of her soul, she knew his body like the back of her hand and yet still she wondered what new scars she would find. Aurore had spent so much of their time together simply watching him, and even as he slept she could not help but study the way his chest rose and fell. The way his eyes still scanned the dark horizon even in his dreams. His lips would twitch and she would smile when she found a spot that may have been too ticklish to touch when he was awake. She had let herself fall so hard for him that even now, she wanted to reach out and place her hand over his to assure him that everything would work out.

But it wouldn’t would it? It never did.

“You make these promises so easy, McKenna, but you find out things about me that you do not like even when the answers have been there before you this entire time. I have hidden much from you and you still hide from me.” Her French accent was thick when she was upset, and as she tried to keep her voice down she knew that her command over English wasn’t as it should be.

“But it is different now. There is a little boy involved and I have made many mistakes. But there is…” She paused as she cast a glance over her shoulder at the door, “There is also someone else that I must close a chapter with or at least give him the chance. He deserves this.” She was speaking of Rowan, but no one knew that.

“I owe this man that much, but for you and I?” She took a deep breath, “If there is to be any sort of friendship or future I think it is best we put our cards on the table. I owe you the truth all of it, and I want you to know where exactly I stand.”
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