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Agustin saw the fear in Rose’s eyes and heard her whispered words while Michela sniffed her hand, licking it, and, at her turn, listening to Agustin’s voice, she had raised a paw.

”Michela’s feelings are so hurt!” he joked, mirth obvious in his gaze to Rose. ”She is giving you her paw to shake hands, and you are asking her not to bite you! If she is so gentle with chickens and kittens, what do you think, could she bite you, as long as you aren’t going to attack me or any of her friends? She hadn’t bit even me, when I brought her with me from the mountains, tucked into my shirt for the whole six days of the steep descent. And she was way younger then.”

Not that now, at nearly four month she was old either…

”Do you want to see also the kittens?” he asked her, wanting to see her more relaxed and lighter-hearted.

He also knew that an animal’s unconditional love meant a lot for a soul seeking love and acceptance. They were less hurtful than certain humans.

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The dog licked her hand and she stood there, frozen, not sure what to do at that particular moment in time. She didn't want to move her hand away too fast, but the dog seemed to be okay, seemed to not be vicious. When the dog put her paw up, Rose took and shook it, and she sighed as she let go. She didn't seem relaxed, but at least she didn't get bit, right? Then she tentatively pet the pup on the head, and finally just... knelt and buried her face into the animal's pelt. Okay, the dog was fine.

When asked about the kittens, she wasn't sure how to answer. Part of her was interested, then part of her was wary. What if she decided to pick a kitten and couldn't take care of it because of her own state? Maybe she would wait for a time, until she was ready for such a commitment. "I am not going to take a kitten at this time, but I will look at them. I am not ready for a pet. Too much, too fast." That part was also true... Too much, too fast.

"I am very worn out, too. I should probably go home soon and rest, Padre. I've taken up enough of your time."

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Of course his Michela was affectionate and not intending to bite, even if he could see that Rose was still afraid. Finally she understood that she had nothing to be afraid of from a pup who was waiting to shake a paw, and she didn’t mind at all being petted and hugged tightly.

”She is accustomed to receive and gie love. She received the same treatment from me, when she was just like this,” Agustin showed the dimensions of the one month old puppy she used to be back at the beginning of March, during their glorious (and wet) descent of the Dolomites.

He offered her one of the kittens, as the ship boys who had left with the captain of ”Colomba” had taken another. As she hesitated, he didn’t press on the matter. He could understand that she wasn’t ready yet for making a commitment with life. She was afraid to offer her love even to an animal, despite the fact that they loved more sincerely and more unconditionally than humans.

”I understand. If they grow up until you will be ready, there might be other young ones to consider then. But yes, I agree that you have to think over about a lot of things. And you look tired indeed. You should rest, but without worrying about my time. My time is always available for you, except the religious services liturgy hours. Besides, we’ll meet again tomorrow.”

There wasn’t much time left until then. He knew the meeting today had been unexpected, and he hoped to have helped her at least a little.
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